1. Z

    Taft and Roosevelt and the Election of 1912.

    I think it is clear that Taft did not like being President that much. It wasn’t who he was and I think (correct me if I am wrong) that his wife sort of pushed Taft into running for the office. Being President even at that time and even since the early days of the Republic involved a lot of...
  2. M

    Hello everyone I've just finished my new Roosevelt video, let me know what you think.

    Hello Guys, after two weeks solid research and editing I've finally finished my Roosevelt documentary. Feedback would be gratefully received and if you like please comment and subscribe on YouTube. New videos every week or so. U9QkfVAMssM
  3. P

    Betrayal at Pearl Harbor: How Churchill lured Roosevelt

    According the Rutsbridger and Nave's book:, British intelligence deciphered a Japanese secret message which informed that a powerful task force including many carriers, should cast off, refueled and sailed toward an...
  4. Salah

    Theodore Roosevelt, president 1933-1945

    Inspired by the current thread comparing the two Roosevelt presidents. Imagine that Theodore R. and Franklin Delano R. were reversed in the annals of history, though their personal experiences and temperaments remained the same. This means that Theodore Roosevelt would be the POTUS during most...
  5. Balian

    Who was a better president: Theodore or Franklin D. Roosevelt?

    Who was a better president: Theodore or Franklin D. Roosevelt?
  6. M

    1932 Presidential Election Discussion: Roosevelt vs. Hoover

    There's a lot of things that were strange about this election. The obvious part is that the incumbent in a large depression was bound to lose no matter what. But the strange part was Roosevelt's campaign. Hoover defended his administrations jobs programs. FDR, in his campaign, had bashed...
  7. StoryMan

    Foundation of America: The New Deal

    Is there any doubt that the foundation of American success, in particular, the AMERICAN CENTURY, a term coined by Henry Luce of Time Magazine, was a direct result of the New Deal developed by FDR and facilitated by the Progressives of the 20th Century? For the 150 years prior to that, the...
  8. JoanOfArc007

    President Roosevelt Called Baseball a Wartime Morale Booster

  9. Lowell2

    Roosevelt's immigration policy

    PLEASE do not bring in anything post 1950. I want to discuss Roosevelt. Franklin Delano Roosevelt so, how does this compare with policies in England or Australia and Canada at the time? Was it a good policy or a bad one?
  10. Lawnmowerman

    Would Roosevelt have been able to get a DOW on Germany by mid 1942

    It's been said time and time again on this forum that Roosevelt wanted to go to war with Nazi Germany but was unable to get backing from congress. All this changed when the Nazi's declared war on the US. But if they hadn't could Roosevelt have got his DOW in 42. If you say Germany and the US...
  11. R

    An original Teddy Roosevelt bear circa 1903, discovered

    Hello, for thirteen years I have been researching . This very old, unique stuffed bear of mine. To discover it to be an original Teddy Roosevelt bear circa 1903. Hand made by Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, New York. the Michtom's made so few of these first style Teddy's. That they were...
  12. R

    Teddy Roosevelt Book Suggestions?

    Anyone have suggestions for books about Teddy Roosevelt that high school students might especially enjoy?
  13. EmperorTigerstar

    What if Taft doesn't Run in 1912?

    For whatever strange reason, in 1912 Theodore Roosevelt is given the Republican nomination for President instead of Taft, meaning the Bull Moose party does not come into play. In Roosevelt vs Wilson, would Wilson still win or lose to Theodore?
  14. gravyten577

    Warren Harding a better president than Franklin Roosevelt

    After a collapse of the DOW in half and a huge surge in unemployment the Harding presidency allowed for prices to fall so consumers could afford to buy more. By slashing taxes and government spending businesses would shift toward serving the demands of consumers instead of serving what...
  15. F

    Where did Roosevelt say this?

    Guys.. I am new here. Did Roosevelt made a speech in 1941 in which he said that we are only against militarists in Germany and what they do has no relation to socialism and nationalism as Bret Stephens claims in this video (4:50) I couldn't find the...
  16. M

    If Roosevelt hadn't died when he did, we would have peace.

    In retrospect, I am beginning to think that Truman is the President who is most responsible for the chaos we are living. Roosevelt was the kind of diplomat who would have never dropped the A-Bomb, and that have changed the entire face of the Cold War. Roosevelt and Stalin would have...
  17. Salah

    Did Theodore Roosevelt lie about any aspects of his life-story?

    A vague question, I know. I apologize in advance. I've seen a claim made that Theodore Roosevelt made up or exaggerated some parts of his life story, particularly his experiences as a Western rancher in the 1880s. Does anyone know if there's any truth to this?
  18. Salah

    Theodore Roosevelt and the murder of the English language

    The US President widely known as "Teddy" Roosevelt was an energetic person, mentally, physically, and, well, presidentially.* However, he came up with a few ideas in his lifetime that went widely unappreciated. Chief among them was his support for the Simplified Spelling Board, an organization...
  19. B

    Cowboy Teddy Roosevelt?

    What is all this about him being a cowboy? Was any of it true or just a political ploy? What did he actually do out west besides buy the attire, take pictures and purchase property? I've read that the reason he went west was to offset the image of him as a bit of a dandy, i.e. feminine. He...