1. AlpinLuke

    Aliens attacked!

    [And I don't mean Mexicans] So ... all these threads about ancient aliens have made me think to a speculative scenario: aliens attacked the earth in the far past. Let's say in ancient Egyptian age. Obviously aliens would have conquered this planet. But ... to do what? This is the question...
  2. J

    William T. Sherman and the Roswell GA mill workers

    Knowing full well that it is probably an act of futility and stupidity on my part to expect a balanced response to this topic out here, I'm going to post it anyway to put down my first findings about a Civil War incident I didn't know about until two days ago. I haven't found any analysis on...
  3. Ness

    The 1947 UFO Roswell incident

    I'm not sure if this is the correct area to have this kind of discussion. Or even if it's appropriate for this board. Although it is something that occurred on American soil, it's somewhat of a topic that a lot of people either don't like to discuss because it's believed to be ridiculous and/or...
  4. Scamp

    Roswell Women

    July 7 1864, at least 400 women are kidnapped from a cotton mill in Roswell Georgia under the direct orders of General William T Sherman. They are taken away to the North. The vast majority never return. Most were never heard from again. Discuss...
  5. James Random

    Roswell 1947.

    The issue of the Roswell Incident of 1947 has been one that has been hotly debated since, well, 1948. One party claims that some craft from another world crashed in the New Mexico Desert whilst other parties, notably the US Military, claim that it was some sort of weather balloon (Project...
  6. Mohammed the Persian

    Whatever happened in Roswell ?

    Recently, I just came across a documentary on the History Channel about the UFO incident back in 1947, and it got me wondering : Was it actually a UFO or was it a Balloon ? If a UFO did indeed crash, then why all the secrecy ? And if it did, Darn.. the Americans know how to keep a secret:(
  7. Nick

    Roswell Incident

    The Roswell incident was shrouded with secrecy. US military claimed to be retrieving a crashed weather balloon but some people believe they were actually recovering an advanced prototype or even a flying saucer. What do you think happened back in July 1947?