1. Fabius Maximus

    English and French North American empires swapped round

    Let's say that France ends up colonising the eastern seaboard of North America whereas Britain colonises the St. Lawrence and Mississippi, rather than the other way round like in real life. How would this affect the development of their respective colonies, the interactions between them, etc.?
  2. T

    Kite Shield vs Round Shield?

    I am curious about the advantages/disadvantages of both compared to each other. Why exactly did the kite shield replace the round Viking/Anglo-Saxon style? Specifically, when was the round shield replaced by the Kite shield? Did it linger on in parts of Scandinavia a bit longer?
  3. analysis17456

    Why didn't China adopt round bastions?

    As part of a city wall, this is a gigantic bastion: But why is it squared? Would it be reasonable to assume China is behind in siege warfare? Though this assumption doesn't seem so accurate considering millenniums of excessive warfare? For example, I understand to a degree, why the star fort...
  4. Earl_of_Rochester

    Shield designs for Saxon round shields?

    Hi all, I'm considering getting an Anglo Saxon round shield and there's plenty around on the market. However, I'd like mine to be somewhat historically accurate - otherwise what's the point? I've been looking around on the net for pics of Anglo Saxon shield styles but I can't find much from...
  5. M

    Hello! Hot Box Research

    Hello! Thanks for welcoming me into the community, I look forward to searching these threads! I am currently doing some research on some hot box containers- specifically the Portable Food Container, 1 Gallon, Mk II. They are cylindered shaped and have "NOT TO BE PLACED ON TOP OF STOVE OR...
  6. E

    Did they use round columns in Babylon?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if they used round columns in Babylon? I found one resource that says they did, but I can't find any pictures of Babylonian artifacts showing round columns. Everything seems very square. Anyone know if they did?
  7. Punos_Rey

    Round temples discovered in Sudan, unique style

    Source: Really cool and knew you guys in here would appreciate it
  8. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Why are byzantine coins after the mid 11th century less uniformly round?

    For a long time, byzantine coins were uniform in shape and high quality. They were quite consistently circular and flat with defined edges to prevent edge clipping, but this trend seems to have been broken during the reign of Constantine IX (reigned 1042-1055), where the coins take on a more...
  9. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Examples of true sculpture in the round in the post iconoclast byzantine empire?

    While researching byzantine art I found an article explaining that the examples of byzantine art normally considered statues were in fact carved out of larger triptychs. This made me curious if we have any examples of intended sculpture in the round from after iconoclasm.
  10. S

    Germany decides to go another round in 1919

    So what would happen if Germany, unhappy with the terms of Versailles decides to go another round and continue the war in 1919? At the time of Versailles, The French had some 20 divisions already deployed in the Palatinate. Foch who was supreme allied commander and Mangin (army commander)...
  11. P

    Do you think Ancient Egyptians knew the world was round?

    The ancient Egyptians seemed to have some concept of lattitude and longitude with respect to how they built their pyramids and borders. Pythagoras (who studied in Egypt and the Middle East) I think was the first to suggest that the world is round on record.
  12. srb7677

    2015 - Anniversary year in round numbers

    In round numbers, 2015 is the anniversary of many substantial historic events. 70 years ago -1945 - Japan and Germany were defeated in WW2 100 years ago - 1915 - Battle of Gallipoli 110 years ago - 1905 - Japan defeats Russia in Russo-Japanese War 150 years ago - 1865 - Defeat of the...
  13. M

    Best Battle Rifle(full powered round automatic rifle)

    Which is the Best Battle Rifle? That means they are automatic rifles that fire full powered rifle cartriges longer than 50mm. So no M16s or AKs.
  14. S

    When did the Indians found out that the earth was round?

    I would like someone to provide exact dates/evidence for the earliest knowledge of spherical earth available to Indians.
  15. Naomasa298

    Your favourite knight of the Round Table

    My introduction to Arthurian legend was through books by Roger Lancelyn Green (based, I believe, on Le Morte D'Arthur). I remember them well. He also served as my introduction to many other mythologies, including the Greek and Norse legends. Since then, I've read many other versions of the...
  16. T

    We rally round the flag (American civil war)

    So, the Union had the slave states (South), while the northern states believed in anti slavery mostly. The South believed that they could have kept the balance of power in the countries government by making the new western states slave states, but when Lincoln was elected he refused to have that...
  17. M

    Effectiveness of Round shot(artillery)

    How effective was round shot? I always thought cannons fired explosives when I was a kid but I was wrong. Napoleonic cannons used solid projectiles. How actually effective were these balls? In a formation they could rip them apart and bounce around. Was the effect more psychological rather...
  18. V

    Is there a Irish Knight in Arthur's round table?

    I'm wondering if there's any mention of a Irish Knight in the Arthurian Legends. Specifically if there were any knights of Northern or Southern Ireland in the Legends?
  19. Eamonn10

    Irish Round Towers

    I went to Glendalough recently and became very curious about the Round Tower there. There have been many opinions as to why these towers accompany Irish monasteries throughout the landscape and what they were used for. There is some debate on this and I would like to know your opinions on the...
  20. Jake10

    Should we all have round worms?

    It turns out that the worms combat an array of illnesses in mice, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Humans normally had round worms in the past, so does it mean we made a mistake by getting rid of them? Roundworm quells obesity and related metabolic disorders