1. Futurist

    What would Latvia and Estonia look like after 100 years of German rule?

    Had Germany won WWI (by keeping the US neutral and making concessions in the West so that it could keep its territorial gains in the East), and had Germany been able to hold on to Latvia and Estonia for the next 100 years, what would these territories have looked like right now? Would they have...
  2. S

    Democracy doesn't mean the people rule

    Democracy means government is responsible to the people and subject to free and fair elections for its authority to rule. I've read so many posts here that conflate direct democracy with democracy and are not challenged. I challenge anyone to name a country that is governed solely by direct...
  3. Constantine V

    Rule of Ptolemy I Soter

    Only thing i could find online is mostly about the wars of the diodochi and only a few details about his reign. Ive heard Polybios admired Ptolemy a lot so i would like to know more details of how he ruled.
  4. jameen

    China under Xiognu rule

    How will you describe China if Xiognu beat the Han Empire and rules the Empire?
  5. L

    Lands under the Czech rule by total time period

    With English subtitles: rrISIQlNHck ^^^ He mentions also Oświęcim Silesia, which was regained by Poland during the 15th century. Poland managed to regain and keep permanently the following parts of Medieval Silesia: - Land of Wschowa - regained in 1343 - Lands of Wieluń, Ostrzeszów and...
  6. G

    What if Yan dynasty were to rule mainland China

    How would history shape up if An Lushan rebellion succeeded eventually setup the mainland Chinese territories of China under its banner? (Assuming it doesn’t rule Manchu, mongol, Uighur and Tibetan territories but its based in northern China and the rest of Han Chinese lands in north and south
  7. Futurist

    WI: As a part of the M-R Pact, all Jews under Nazi rule get deported to the USSR?

    I've been curious about this--basically, in a TL where France still falls in 1940, the only way to save most of the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust in our TL would be to get them to the Soviet Union and then to have them flee to the interior of the Soviet Union after the start...
  8. F

    How was being under Roman rule compared to the opposite?

    A different question here from those thread asking what was good or bad for the roman rulers (empire), here turned on its head: How was the roman empire for its inhabitants? Being from Gaul, Spain or Syria immediately before romans took over, compared to the age after roman conquest. And Late...
  9. RidiculousName

    Government by Merit

    Several teams of a nation's leading minds create tests every four years in mathematics, engineering, logical, political, economic, environmental, military, computer science, and legal subjects. Anyone can try them, and it's essentially impossible to get a perfect score. Though, it would be...
  10. Earl_of_Rochester

    Hong Kong would prefer to be under British Imperial rule.

    20 years after the Brits left in 1997 some people in Hong Kong still want to remain under British rule. Anti-Beijing protesters rally outside British Consulate-General, urging UK to take back Hong Kong | South China Morning Post China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses...
  11. R

    Demetrius of Phalerum and the rule of philosophy

    Demetrius of Phalerum, a disciple of Theophrastus, seemed destined for greatness from his birth. Born in the Phalerum district of Athens around 350 B.C., he was an exceptionally beautiful boy, and was compared to a young god. Demetrius' family was not aristocratic; but the lad's bearing and...
  12. Visigoth Panzer

    How Japan would rule China

    If Japan had succeeded in conquering China in WWII, how would they have divided it? Would it be one large puppet state or several small ones? What about Tibet and Sinkiang?
  13. C

    What constitutes mao zedong's rule as a failure

    :unsure: Just curious to how you guys would prosecute Mao Zedong, I have a debate coming up soon on him I must prosecute him for the: deaths from the long march, deaths of over a million landlords and soldiers from 1950+
  14. Big Orange

    Conflicting Opinions On Roman Rule.

    It’s interesting how opinions and perceptions differ on the Roman era, but that’s going to be very inevitable when there’s gigantic gulf of time between now and what’s perceived as the Roman era, the permanently incomplete and heavily conflicted recorded data...
  15. tigertank06

    Why did the Jeffersonians and Republicans rule for long stretches?

    This current election and the talk that there will never be a Republican president in power again if they lose has got me thinking about America's political past. The Jeffersonians were in power from 1801-1825 and the GOP was in power from 1861-1885. These are long stretches of one party rule...
  16. Aham Brahmasmi

    was India colonized by Muslims during Islamic rule over subcontinent ?

    was India colonized by Muslims of Arabia and C. Asia when Islmic Empires ruled over Natives of subcontinent ? every islamic empire or kingdom imported nobles and solders from those Regions. and natives were not even tiny minority in Courts. During Mughal dominance, the official language of...
  17. J

    What was the rule of ashoka like?

    I've heard of this king, but what was society like under his rule?
  18. DanielMisier

    Rajputs during Mughal rule.

    Obviously Rajputs had semi-independant states, what is it they did during Mughal rule? By that I mean what things did they achieve under Mughal rule and what did they do with their influence in Mughal court? What role did they play in Mughal army and could they have rebelled? And after Akbar...
  19. D

    Irish home rule and parallels with Quebec

    Being one-half Irish descent and one-half French-Canadian, the bitterness of the British-Irish relationship in the 19th century holds some fascination to me, historically. In a simplistic sense, one can see that the position of Ireland in the United Kingdom of the 19th century as akin to that...
  20. S

    Natya shastra- is it just rule of dance

    Natya shastra is it just rule of dance i have recently referred natya shastra, i am amazed by the amount of detail it gives to each and every section what you ppl think is it just a rule book of dance and literature or much more than that. it clearly speaks about which area ppl should use...