1. K

    If the world was ruled by communism, would it be a happy world?

    Many people are unhappy with capitalism because of the many problems that it brings in, so if the world was a communist one, would that solve many of these problems and create a happier world?
  2. caldrail

    They Ruled With Violence And Oppression?

    A recent television documentary broadcast had the presenter proclaim in the introduction, along with mood heightening music, that Rome was "an empire that ruled through violence and oppression". It's a powerful theme, one that conjures an image of an outraged emperor leaping to his feet, a...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    Empire that ruled the largest % of world population

    The Persian empire at it's height was said to have ruled around 44% of the world population in 480 BC, skip ahead to Alexander's conquest in 323 BC and this would imply he ruled close to half the world's population if the population % of the region had not changed. Is there any other...
  4. S

    Britannia Ruled the Waves? A Napoleonic occupation of England 20 years on:

    As some of you might know by now, I enjoy writing alternate history scenarios from the personal perspective of individual characters and how certain events play out in the lives of individuals. In this respect I've been influenced quite a bit by Harry Turtledove. Awhile back I wrote a short...
  5. M

    What area was ruled by the Roman realm the longest?

    Rome was traditionally founded in 753 BC. By 756 AD Rome was part of what would become the Papal States and militarily dependent on the Franks and not the Roman Empire in the East. So that makes Rome under Roman control for about 1509 years, minus about 57 years from 476 to 533, or about 1452...
  6. L

    Liberia & Sierra Leone: life in colonies ruled by freed Blacks

    How did the former enslaved blacks rule those colonies set up as a form of compensation or redress for slavery? How were they welcomed? treat the native people? I understand when Samuel Doe seized power in the 80s he was the first indigenous Liberian to be president. All former heads of state...
  7. T

    Could Islam have ruled in Europe?

    Now some might say the question is still open as to what might happen in Europe demographics wise, but im more curious about the last few times the European Christians and Turkic or Arabic Muslims faced off in places like Vienna and the Iberian peninsula. We all know about people like Jan...
  8. G

    How would India have industrialized if British had not ruled India

    How would India have industrialized if British had not ruled India? Note I am not saying would it have I am saying how it would have because I am sure it would have eventually adopted the technology of the Industrial Revolution and with some institutions and royal funding could have even led to...
  9. G

    Any trends noted for Indian states ruled for less time/autonomous control under Brits

    Is there any noticeable trend for those areas, states, territories which had the least period of rule under colonial rule (Brits, French, Portuguese etc.) or was under nominal colonial rule or autonomous control with little colonial interference or maintained independence longer than other...
  10. fuadsultan

    What can happen, if country ruled by philosophers?

    Thoughts and opinion.
  11. H

    Did societies that were ruled by women were more ethical or less violent?

    There is this myth that "if women ruled the world there would be no wars". But im open minded so i ask this to those who are better educated in history than me: How did societies that were ruled by women function? Were they more ethical? Were they less violent? And if such a thing existed...
  12. G

    Were there kingdoms ruled by OBC, Dalit and Schedule tribe caste groups of today

    I mean were there kingdoms in the past ruled by groups which are OBC, SC and ST caste groups of today (I am aware these are modern categories but I am referring to them just for the sake of a boundary for this thread). I am especially interested to know if there were any Dalit powers...
  13. S

    koreans ruled China shandong peninsula 8th century

    15000 korean people ship started from yaodung, arrived to China shandung. and they established a new dynasty. yi jung gi was the first king.He tried to attack Chinese capital city. chinese emperor was thretened by him. this fact is also well known to chinese historians. formerly 7th century...
  14. Darren Singh

    Greatest empire that had ever ruled India

    I wanted to know other's opinion on the greatest Indian empire.It can be from economy, land area or population
  15. G

    Would a French ruled India have been better for the country

    The French were known to be more humane, respectful of local cultures and more equitable in their approach to their colonies allowing them to grow and benefit both themselves and their rulers. Plus French had good relations with many of the Indian kingdoms and even trained soldiers of Tipu and...
  16. G

    What if Hitler survived and ruled and Israel was formed

    What if the war ended with a no contest and all sides putting down the arms. Hitler withdrawing his invaded possessions including France but keeping German territories in Czech Republic, Saar, Austria and all other German speakking territories in Europe. Withdrawing from the remaining lands...
  17. H

    How would North Korea be if Japan still ruled it?

    If the Japanese still ruled the Koreas today, do you think communism and the current government would exist in the North today? If not, do you think the Japanese oppression and brutality would be worse, about the same, or less harsh than the current regime of North Korea today? I'm not saying...
  18. G

    Was Assam ruled by a so called Dravidian dynasty before the Vermans

    he Naraka and Danava dymasties were these the so called Dravidian, Aboriginal or were these Mongoloids or Indo Aryans(in the leftist sense). Was the modern Assam always consisting of Hindufied Mongolic race people or is there something else to this.
  19. M

    What is the evidence that Shang dynasty was ruled by a King?

    Hi, I am new here and I was wondering what was the evidence that Shang dynasty was ruled by a King? That it was not just a conglomeration of city-states or settlements? Or that it was unified?
  20. S

    WI:Bohemian ruled Lesser Poland

    What if Poland retains most of Silesia except for Cieszyn and Raciborz and Poland loses Krakow and Sandomierz: the Duchy of Raciborz, Cieszyn, Cracovia and Sandomir become parts of Bohemia instead of Silesia? - as the Province of Vislania once the Bohemian King gives up his claims to the Polish...