1. Valens

    U.S - Russia Standoff In Syria Thread

    I thought we should have a thread on this, as the current events surrounding Syria count as one of the most serious escalations between two superpowers since the Cold War. There seems to be the impeding U.S./French attack on Syria, but it remains to be seen whether it will be a limited attack...
  2. F

    How were Russia's vastitude & contiguity perceived by her rivals (colonial era)?

    Were the European powers filled with envy and horror when they looked at or thought about the enormous contiguous territory Russia had? Did they realize the lack of strategic depth of their respective heartlands? (no matter how many oversea colonies they had, they couldn't afford many defeats...
  3. R

    Is Russia's relationship with Europe worse now than in the time of the Romanovs?

    Is Russia's relationship with Europe now overall worse than it was in the time of the czars from Peter the Great to 1914?
  4. Futurist

    Would a non-Nazi Germany have been willing to partition Poland together with Russia?

    I'm curious about this--do you think that a non-Nazi German regime would have been willing to partition Poland together with Russia in the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s (in a scenario where the Nazis never come to power in Germany due to Hitler being killed back in 1923)? Basically, I am not thinking...
  5. R

    Should the US have pursued an alliance with Russia to contain China?

    Would it have been a good idea for the US to pursue a military alliance with Russia in the late 90s to help contain China in return for no eastward expansion of NATO, basically Eastern and Central Europe would serve as buffer states between NATO and Russia as originally agreed during German...
  6. O

    Napoleononic War questions

    Suppose the French army had the best clothing available in 2018 for winter weather and AR-15's but only 100,000 men how much difference would it make in the 1812 invasion of Russia? When was Napoleon's last opportunity to pass up the Peninsular War? Napoleon was offered a sweet deal not to...
  7. JM1906

    Vladimir Putin Speech and Russia's most recent nuclear powered missile So, some days ago, Rússia anounced a new tecnological inovative weapon, a nuclear powered missile. Various articles were made about the projects of having nuclear power planes...
  8. S

    Russia to bring back the battleship? That's the headline although the text is about battlecruisers. They would serve as a platform for...
  9. F

    China & Russia decapitate the West when hosting a G-20 summit

    The leaders of major Western powers arrive in a Chinese or Russian city, the host seizes them all and their nuclear briefcases. How would the headless West react?
  10. Lawnmowerman

    Russia bans film on death of Stalin

    This film was bound to be controversial in Russia. Russia bars 'extremist' British comedy The Death of Stalin - BBC News kPpXFnHoC-0 Looks like they are making a half assed attempt to say its getting banned for being disrespectful to Russians who died in WWII. Where as the real reason is...
  11. Futurist

    Did it make more sense for Imperial Germany to ally with Austria-Hungary or Russia?

    Did it make more sense for Imperial Germany to ally with Austria-Hungary or to ally with Russia (if it had to choose, that is)? Basically, the way that I see it, here are the benefits and drawbacks of these approaches: Ally with A-H: Pro: -You get to be the dominant partner in this alliance...
  12. Underground

    Grain export and liquidation of peasantry as a class in Stalin's Russia

    During the initial years of the Soviet regime, under Lenin, Russia was selling gold and jewelry to the West. These sales included robbed church gold and possessions taken from the perished "capitalists". When the gold export was exhausted, Russia could still offer sales of grain to the West...
  13. JM1906

    Was there a war between Russia and Georgia in August 2006?

    The title says it all.
  14. artistauthor

    Russia's ousting from the Olympics due to doping scandal

    An old Spanish proverb runs: There is no pot so ugly that it can't find itself a lid- no regime so base or barbarous that it lacks (usually foreign) apologists- what Lenin crudely if aptly termed "useful idiots". Granted Putin;s Russian Federation is NOT the Soviet Union, but I have noted a...
  15. deaf tuner

    Thousand Cranes ... (in memoriam Dmitri Hvorostovky)

    An old Japanese tradition, called Thousand Origami Cranes (千羽鶴 - Senbazuru) say that the one folding thousant origami will see his wish coming true. Rasul Gamzatov, on his visit to Japan learned about the young girl from Hiroshima, a girl contracting leukemia after the atomic bombing. The girl...
  16. F

    Russia dominated by chinese?

    Not entirely a question of past history but also the future. Will russian power elite chose China as partner, even if China takes the lead, in order to avoid american and european influence?
  17. P

    Russian reformist groups.(help)

    "How far do you feel it was realistic for Reformist policy to save Tsarism before the 1917 revolutions?" I have been set this question and I am not exactly sure what it is asking for. I am thinking about including the October Manifesto and about how Reformist groups acted in the Duma. If...
  18. Ancientgeezer

    Happy Balaklava Day!

    Crimea, 1854 The Battle of Balaklava is remembered primarily for the Charge of the Light Brigade. However, there were other events in the battle that, militarily, were equally important. An important factor in the Battle of Balaklava was the terrain over which it was fought. Two valleys...
  19. Underground

    What do we know about Lenin?

    For decades, the image of the leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Vladimir Lenin was carefully protected and polished. His dead body is still on display on the Red Square in Moscow. The picture below says (in Russian), "Lenin Lived, Lenin Live, Lenin wIll Live!" Recently...
  20. Underground

    Did Hitler visit Russia in 1935?

    I am not sure if this is a true story or a conspiracy theory. According to the Russian web site ????? ?. ??????? ? ????. 1935-? ??? | Aki Rama Hitler visited Russian cities in 1935. Years later, NKVD destroyed all the films and other documents related to this visit. A similar "clean-up" was...