1. Underground

    What do we know about Lenin?

    For decades, the image of the leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Vladimir Lenin was carefully protected and polished. His dead body is still on display on the Red Square in Moscow. The picture below says (in Russian), "Lenin Lived, Lenin Live, Lenin wIll Live!" Recently...
  2. Underground

    Did Hitler visit Russia in 1935?

    I am not sure if this is a true story or a conspiracy theory. According to the Russian web site ????? ?. ??????? ? ????. 1935-? ??? | Aki Rama Hitler visited Russian cities in 1935. Years later, NKVD destroyed all the films and other documents related to this visit. A similar "clean-up" was...
  3. VHS

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union has always been an intriguing topic, and I know a history professor who has been repetitively interviewed for current events in Ukraine and Russia. I refuse to give his name here; I usually don't reveal my full identity. How was governance under...
  4. mprivse

    Russia in the Balkan wars

    Basically I want to know why didn't Russia help the Balkan league in 1912 against the Turks? Considering their previous help. Russia always had a big interest in the South Slavic Balkan nations due to their panslavic leanings. So why didn't they help them against the Turks? They went into war on...
  5. C

    What to write? (European HF)

    Hey all, First post here on Historum. I've been a hobby HF writer for awhile in my spare time--I'm a history and French teacher, in addition to being a bodybuilder (weird combo, I know). Anyway, I'm having a little trouble deciding which of my (many, many) ideas for fiction novels to focus...
  6. JoanOfArc007

    In Russia, early African American migrants found the good life

    While also reminding us of the purge related issues...the following piece showcases the positive side of the USSR. Where the US succeeded in Capitalistic ventures it failed humanity in its so called racial segregation policies. The USSR otoh failed humanity wrt its purges but clearly had a...
  7. FailWhale

    Russia's Greatest Rivals

    How would you rank Russia's top 3 greatest rivals throughout history?
  8. M

    The Russian Revolution - Sean McMeekin

    I just finished reading it and found very inforamative and fluent , simple to read. Not too much detail and characters to track. After introducing Tsarist Russia in the beginning of 20th Century and WWI , McMeekin argues that Bolshevik takeover and creation of Soviet Union between 1917-1924 was...
  9. O

    Germany doesn't start war with USSR in WWII

    What if Hitler never starts war with USSR in WWII, how much harder does it make it for rest of the Allies?
  10. Earl_of_Rochester

    Could Russia have been saved by the West from post Cold War collapse?

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall the Soviet Union collapsed and the influence of the COMECON fell away to allow the old buffer zone of the Eastern Bloc a degree of autonomy, this was followed by a twilight period of Liberal Democracy in the East which unfortunately didn't last. What we're...
  11. R

    When did Russia stop being seen as a part of Europe?

    When was Russia seen as more of an Asiatic country than a Western/European one? Was it after WW1? Because reading historical accounts of the 7 years war, the Napoleonic War, and the period after it seems like the Great Powers of Europe considered Imperial Russia to be part of the European order...
  12. Futurist

    PC: A Muslim-majority Russia due to massive Russian expansion in the 20th century?

    Would it have been plausible for Russia to avoid the Bolshevik Revolution during WWI (for instance, by having Kerensky side with Kornilov instead of arming the Bolsheviks) and then to expand so much over the next several decades (into Xinjiang, Afghanistan, Persia, et cetera--possibly as the...
  13. S

    And Why should Norway care what Russia thinks?

    I can understand how some might think that extending the US military's (and by extension Nato's) prescence on Norway may be a move away from the country's traditional non-aligned status, but at the end of the day, the Russian menace is of far greater threat to Europe than Islamism. OSLO...
  14. F

    Russia: Will Shoot Down EVERYTHING That Fly's Over Syria

    Russia's response to the American shoot-down of a Syria fighter jet yesterday (because the Syrian pilot was killing ISIS members in Syria) was that "anything that flies over Syria will be shot down." This shoot-down happened June 18th, 2017, and is a definite escalation. Also yesterday, the...
  15. Underground

    Russia's role in provoking the Word War I

    This is an interesting and rather detailed article in the Russian language. It describes reasons for Russia to induce the World War I. It describes a series of events, and reveals ties to the Russian Imperial interests. ??????? ? ???, ??? ?????? ????????? ?????? ??????? ????? ? ????? |...
  16. Son of Athena

    Protests in Russia

    Do these protests have the potential to grow into something greater or is this much ado about nothing? Is Putin overplaying his hand in arresting Navalny?
  17. Futurist

    AHC: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-**** you can think of

    Here is a fun AHC for you: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-waank you can think of. Basically, try to expand Russia as much as possible and to make Russia as wealthy as possible by the end of the 20th century. Also, please do this without Bolshevism; indeed, Russia would have...
  18. Shtajerc

    Gender roles in 19th century Russia

    I need some sources and especially information about the roles of men and women in the SECOND HALF OF THE 19TH CENTURY in Russia. By that I mean, were woman getting any more emancipated than before, were there any laws conserning this, how was the situation concerning their personal wealth? How...
  19. Visigoth Panzer

    If Germany conquered Russia in 1942, would Britain have fought on?

    If Germany captured Moscow in 1941, held off the winter offensive and in 1942 conquered all the way up to the Urals, forcing a Soviet surrender; would Britain have kept on fighting? Even with America could they defeat Germany?