1. RidiculousName

    The Russian and American Expansions

    Oddly enough, Russia and America have some similar history. Most similarly in my opinion, we both had a period of rapid expansion and extermination/subjugation of native peoples. However, the American expansion has been so popularized by Hollywood that virtually the entire world knows about it...
  2. Futurist

    Maximum realistic territorial gains for the Russian Empire?

    What do you think the maximum realistic territorial gains for the Russian Empire during the 20th and 21st centuries are if World War I is delayed for at least a couple of decades (thus shifting the alliance system a bit--with Britain joining the German orbit) and if the Russian Empire survives...
  3. Futurist

    German and Russian expansionism in the event of a German-Russian alliance

    If Germany and Russia would have allied with each other in, say, 1890, what would the borders of both of these countries have looked like after both of them would have been finished with their territorial expansion?
  4. D

    Another Russian tank movie coming our way. Now we have T34 and Indestructable.

    Another Russian tank movie coming our way. Now we have T34 and Indestructable. Female tankers in this one... hope they show the problems with the t34 but this is a kv-1. yoEIpLeLZLk
  5. F

    Which Russian Empire uniform is it?

    Dear history friends! Can anyone recognise in which regiment these Russian Empire soldiers were? Picture was taken in photo salon of K. Śledzińska Company in Łomża, Poland. It was founded in 1905, so picture is not older than this date. Also maybe someone can recognise...
  6. HistoryColored

    Tsar Nicholas II: The Last Emperor of the Russian Empire (Article)

    Hey, I've written an article on Tsar Nicholas II and his life (and death) and I would love for everyone on here to have a read and let me know what you think below. You can check it out Here I'd also like to know what do you think Nicholas could have done differently in order to stay in...
  7. Underground

    Russian history, 1949: Deportation of families and children, from Moldova to Siberia

    By the orders from Kremlin, in July 1949, within two day, 35,000 Moldovan civilians including 12,000 children were deported to Siberia. This is an interesting video describing inhumane conditions of the deportation and extreme hardship in Siberia. -fRyrVg5ALk This is a good link showing the...
  8. Futurist

    A Russian Sun Belt in the late 20th and 21st centuries?

    Let's say that Russia would have escaped Bolshevism. This can be done--for instance--by having Kornilov and Kerensky actually cooperate in July 1917 and shoot and kill all of the Bolsheviks that they can get their hands on. Obviously a military regime in Russia might not last for very long, but...
  9. M

    Newspaper Boy in The Old Days

    I noticed that the newspaper seller always mentions "Extra, extra", but I never catch anything after that. How did they used to appeal their newspaper to the passerby? Also, were news about royals' activities (such as engagement, divorce, etc) allowed to be printed in them?
  10. artistauthor

    What might have happened had the Whites won the Russian Civil War?

    Although in reality, the White(anti-Bolshevik) forces were handicapped by what historians like Orlando Figes( A People's Tragedy: Russia, 1890-1924) aptly termed their unimaginative and inflexible political programme(which in as much as it had any coherence, could be termed "putting the past...
  11. Futurist

    What do you think the ideal borders for the Russian Empire would have been?

    What do you think the ideal borders for the Russian Empire would have been? As for me, here is what I think: 1. First of all, Russia should be allowed to keep all of the territories which it currently controls in real life. This includes Russia within its 1991 borders as well as Crimea. This...
  12. M

    Question from a Dummy: State Duma

    So I'm writing an story revolving around a man who lived in Russia in 1916. I have done a few research, but I still feel like I need some clarity in a few areas: - When one is a member of State Duma, how do others address his occupation? Will simply calling him a 'politician' suffice? - Do...
  13. jameen

    US Patriot Missile or Russian S-300

    Which is better in terms of: 1) Intercepting enemy planes 2) Intercepting enemy missiles (cruise and ballistic) I heard Patriot Missiles imported by the Saudis have flaws in intercepting Houthi missiles fired from Yemen. BTW Is there any US surface to air missiles aside from Patriot that...
  14. C

    Was Russian dominion over Eastern Europe really that bad?

    I'm not talking about the mass rapes the Red Army committed or the Holodomor Stalin created on Ukraine. Long before the Russian Revolution of 1918, the rise to power of the Bolsheviks and the creation of the Soviet Union, Russians already had a bad reputation among their Eastern European...
  15. J

    every river mentioned in Mahabaharata is similar to Russian Oka rivers,
  16. Z

    Help with Russian medal?

    Hello, I just inherited this beautiful Russian medal. I am not sure what era it is from, as it came with an assortment of other military items from just about everywhere and a plethora of eras. I am pretty sure it is Russian because of the ribbon and writing. I can not find any information on...
  17. jameen

    USSR with present Russian weapons

    Imagine the USSR still exists today but it is armed with present Russian weapons as you can see in this link below: The Most Advanced Weapons Systems Used By The Russian Army - Business Insider The question is do you believe that the USSR can conquer the whole Western Europe by means of...
  18. Visigoth Panzer

    Russian Territorial Gains if Allied Victory in 1914/15

    If the allied powers won WW1 in 1914/15, what territorial gains would Russia have gained? Clearly they would have taken Galicia, possibly Carpathio-Ruthenia, Bukovina and the much desired Constantinople and the Dardanelles. If they did take Constantinople (Istanbul), how would they maintain...
  19. D

    Was Stalin Russian?

    I thought Stalin was Georgian, not Russian. Stalin was voted in 2008 as the third-best Russian. BBC NEWS | Europe | Stalin voted third-best Russian Stalin was voted as the second greatest Russian in history in 2017...
  20. tuesdayschild

    Latest Russian murder (Almost) in England

    An ex English, Russian agent,Sergei Skripal, appears to have been poisoned in Salisbury, England. Along with his daughter and the first Police Officer to arrive at the scene. No less than Putin threatened him, following a (Spy swap) some years ago. What can Britain do if murderers are running...