1. C

    Human Sacrifice and Execution in Iron Age Europe

    Human Sacrifice and Execution in the Iron Age:
  2. DeadCorn

    Did the end of Human Sacrifice herald Christianity?

    Druids practiced human sacrifice when the Romans came and, of course, Roman's practiced ritual animal sacrifice and votive offerings at the same time. Still today, as in Santaria, some religions practice actual sacrifice so it never totally went away as some participating religion's mainstream...
  3. K

    Skeletal remains 'confirm ancient Greeks engaged in human sacrifice' Greece’s culture ministry announced on Wednesday that a Greek-American team of researchers had discovered the skeleton of a teenager on the side of Mount Lykaion &#8211...
  4. Menshevik

    gadhimai festival: animal sacrifice

    I came across this recently.... I'm actually surprised I hadn't heard of it before. I remember hearing of the Yulin Dog eating festival a while back. That seemed to cause some protest and outcry. In defense of the Chinese festival, at least their...
  5. W

    Pre-Colombian States and Human Sacrifice

    Apologies in advance for any mistakes or assumptions, but it seems to me that in the Americas a lot of the indigenous cultures that were organised enough to be considered states or empires (such as Aztec, Mayans, and Incas) included human sacrifice in their culture. Was this something always...
  6. V

    Did the Shungas perform rare Vedic human sacrifice?

    I was reading through an ASI review 1957-58 and something interesting got my attentions.It is about supposed Vedic human sacrifice,performed at the site of Kaushambi by the Shungas.Here I post the snapshot of relevant pages since the PDF is protected and the texts cannot be copied...
  7. RoyalHill1987

    Carthaginian child sacrifice?

    Did the Carthaginians really sacrifice children to their gods? Or was this mere Roman propaganda? Plutarch mentions the practice, but Polybius, who was in the Roman camp of Scipio's army when it sacked Carthage in 146BC, does not. It seems inconceivable that Polybius wouldn't have mentioned...
  8. T

    Would you sacrifice yourself for the greater good?

    Would you say choose to die, if it can ensure either world peace, end of famine or the cure for all deceases
  9. F

    Evidence of europeans practicing human sacrifice

    Since by now I have read about many remains, and even seen some. that seems best explained as remains of sacrificed humans, i just wonder how widespread such practices may have been, though I know most about pre-christian Scandinavia. Recently thus I read about burials in Lofoten, Northern...
  10. E

    Did Plato ever sacrifice an animal before an idol?

    Hiya guys, I was hoping if anyone could help out. I heard a long time ago that Plato once sacrificed an animal, I think it was a cock, to an idol. Is this true? I can't seem to find any information about it. Did this philosopher ever sacrifice anything to any idol? Thanks guys!
  11. J

    Ancient Greek harvest festival rite: sacrifice a man

    I just watched the NBC Hercules miniseries, with Sean Astin; very campy, but quite fascinating. One bit I'd like to learn more about (if it has any basis in legend). It depicts a harvest festival rite, in which only women participate, with the exception of one poor man, who is bound up, trussed...
  12. Alexandros ho Megas

    The Celts and Human Sacrifice

    First of all, please correct me if I'm posting in the wrong part of the forum. A topic that I'd very much like to explore: did the Celts engage in human sacrifice, and, if they did, to what extent was it practiced? What is the evidence for and against? I know that Roman and Greek writers...
  13. Salah

    Jephthah's Daughter - human sacrifice or Jewish nun?

    Shof'tim ("Judges") Chapters 11-12, in the Bible, gives us the story of Jephthah. He was something of a roguish figure, a bandit chieftain and the son of a prostitute. Nonetheless, he was reportedly one of the 'judges' appointed by G-d to deliver Israel from a foreign threat. In the heat of...
  14. M

    The terrible human sacrifice. The ancient Chinese custom

    The Shang Dynasty was in the peakday of slavery, the slave owning aristocracy is the ruling class, forming a huge bureaucracy and military. Slaveholders can sale, can also kill; master's death but also by the slaves. The human sacrifice, the object is a concrete manifestation of slave society...
  15. Barbarossa

    Child sacrifice in Carthage

    From what I've read, the practice of child sacrifice in Carthaginian society to appease the gods was pretty much accepted as social norm. The question is: how such a horrific act could ever be considered social norm?
  16. C

    Post: #1Italy's Bohemian Grove - Human Sacrifice in Florence?

    I'm trying to get opinions on the subject of this documentary on a Moloch "Tower of Athanor" in a wooded area right in the middle of Florence, Italy: The Torrigiani Tower of Athanor: Vanni Torrigiani and The Path of Enlightenment ? Jesse Waugh - THE GREAT WORK The documentary suggests that the...
  17. arkteia

    Leonidas' last stand - a sacrifice?

    I think that the famous "300" was actually not a heroic act, but a necessity. We all remember how religious the Spartans were. When they asked the Delphi Oracle about the outcome of the Persian War, the first answer was unfavorable. They asked again (had they sent a more valuable gift :)this...
  18. Robespierre

    Abraham, Jesus and human sacrifice

    One thing that's bothered me about Judaism/Christianity is the story about Abraham and Jesus. This story of Abraham and Isaac is clearly about human sacrifice and how God doesn't like it. Then we zip ahead to Jesus. Here it's apparently fine. What's the explanation on this?
  19. Qymaen

    Sacrifice in the Americas

    Within the cultures of South and Central America sacrifice was a major part of their culture, especially within religion. However throughout most of the rest of the world, sacrifice is looked down upon and scorned. Why is this? Why is it that people like the Nazca, Maya, and Aztec glorified...
  20. Brisieis

    Acts of Self Sacrifice in History

    Who are the historical figures that sacrificed themselves for the good of their country, soldiers, King, Queen, family, friends... Even today we hear stories on the news of soldiers jumping on grenades and such to save their fellow soldiers. There must be many historical stories of people...