1. JM1906

    Biggest cities in Sub Saharan Africa (500-1500)

    Considering the discussion around Sub Saharan civilizations before colonial influence, I came across interesting cities and kingdoms I didn't know. In terms of Kingdoms, I knew a few by name, but now I want to know where were the major cities, in any area, between the period of 500-1500...
  2. N

    Was iron indigenous to sub saharan africa?

    I provided this link (Cambridge Journals Online - History in Africa - Abstract - Did They or Didn't They Invent It? Iron in Sub-Saharan Africa) to a woman on this video ( my name on youtube is marquis patton and I am currently debating her). Basically...
  3. R

    Which is the oldest literary work from sub saharan Africa?

    Which written work is considered oldest literary work( I am talking about books not some inscriptions) in sub saharan africa by professional historians? I mean any African nation as sub saharan excepting Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Nubian parts of Sudan.