1. H

    Saint Olave - King of Norway, - is his raids to England based on a 1200s poem?

    The entire legend seems to be a canonical construction - a hagiography - whose purpose was to exalt Olav to a saint. The author of the hagiography of Olav has deliberately adopted the entire course of Thorkil the High's activities in England and subsequently, added Olav’s name instead (of...
  2. T

    The Sultan and the Saint

    Did anyone see this on PBS? It is about St.Francis of Assisi's meeting with the Sultan of Egypt in the early 13th C. How and why did you like or dislike it? How accurate or inaccurate was it? I do take issue with the statement that the crusaders were "His (the Pope's) army" and implication that...
  3. M

    Cross from clothing worn by a saint?

    Can somone help to get information about this cross?
  4. H

    Why is Saint Xavier deified in Goa?

    I am always curious as to why St Xavier is so revered in Goa. There is a huge cathedral in his name which is a must see on the tourist list. Are Goans not aware that he is the one who unleashed a reign of terror by being the driving force behind the horrific Goa inquisition?
  5. D

    The affair of Pont Saint Esprit and CIA (1951)

    Hello.In 1951,in the little town of Pont Saint Esprit (Gard) 5 people died and 300 others became completely crazy:jumping by the windows,singing from morning to evening.....Some journalists said that the CIA had experimented with the french army ,near a military camp, secret chemical weapons in...
  6. Todd Feinman

    The Comte de Saint Germain: Who was he?

    A very interesting and mysterious guy the Count:
  7. L

    Saint Laurence Gate 13th century year old

    Hello all nice to meet you i am david from ireland, Just thought i would share something that people may have never see, As its rare to get into one... Small bit of info about it ( from wiki ) : Saint Laurence's Gate is a barbican which was built in the 13th century as part of the walled...
  8. skapeti

    The Knights of saint John.

    What a fascinating order, Would they make a country one day? A group of Humanitarians with history that many countries would jealous of... I could go for volunteer if they had an embassy in Greece.
  9. R

    Saint Brendan, navigator and discoverer

    Hello all, I'm seeking detailed information concerning Saint Brendan the Navigator, an Irish abbot who lived in the Dark Ages. He is supposed to have made two sea voyages for the purpose of exploration, arriving far beyond his native Eire and discovering hitherto unknown lands. Could part or...
  10. Y

    St. Wenceslas , why a saint?

    Hello. Why was St. Wenceslas (Czech: Svatý Václav) (907-935) declared saint after death?,_Duke_of_Bohemia Thank you.
  11. G

    Saint Helena - first inhabitants?

    There seems to be no proof of the slightest human pre-colonial presence on the island. Nonetheless, are there any clues alluding toward the possibility of an indigenous population (who, when, for how long etc.)? What can we assume?
  12. JoanOfArc007

    The Sultan and the Saint

    I alawys thought to myself this story about Saint Francis of Assisi meeting with Sultan Al Kamil needs to be brought to the big screens, and now here we have it. I have posted numerous times about this tremendous story, and to now see it will be brought to light for more to see is like an early...
  13. aldo12

    Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas

    Saint Nicholas was a Greek PRIEST during Roman Empire
  14. Eamonn10

    The Feast of Saint Brigid

    Today, February 1st, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Brigid. Here is some History on her life. A Saint Brigid's Cross. I thought maybe we could put together a thread on the Saints, learn a little about their lives and why and how they...
  15. Waterloofinalsolution

    Is it wrong for me to consider Hernan Cortes as "Almost" a Saint?

    I have busts and paintings of him throughout my place. He was an inspiration. "Almost" a Saint because of his greediness. "We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure." -Hernan Cortes One thing I would like to point out is that the only source that goes out of its...
  16. G

    Did a Saint Thomas really come to India

    The current Pope himself has denied this. I am just wondering if this is factually true, if there is any historically acceptable source that is proof for this. If not then how did xtianity spread in Kerala initially? If a myth how did this Thomas story emerge?
  17. Y

    Why is St. Vitus a patron saint of Prague?

    Why is st. Vitus a patron saint of Prague, Czech Republic? I have read that king Henry I of Germany gave bones of St. Vitus to Wenceslaus I (from Premyslid dynasty) in 925. But I haven't found any other connection between him and Prague. Vitus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Prague -...
  18. Frank81

    Russian campaign 1812: why Moscow and not Saint Petersburg?

    This is a question that comes to my mind right here, right now. If I think a few seconds about the issue, the attack on Saint Petersburg seem to be much, much more interesting. But Napoleon attacked Moscow, why?
  19. gregorian

    Happy Saint Guinefort's Day!

    Guinefort: the Sainted Dog of France Protector of Children. Who slayed the serpent and saved the innocent child and was wrongfully slain by his master. Watch over my daughters as they grow older and discover the world and protect them from the serpents who would tempt them into darkness.
  20. M

    A peculiar dog-headed saint

    Hello everyone! I didn't know where to post this interesting fact, because it can fit just fine in a " what if...? " type topic or in a byzantine history discussion, but I decided to post it here because it is about art and hopefully nobody will laugh at me that hard for taking the subject...