1. K

    Reason for Decline of Sanskrit as Language of common People in North India.

    Sanskrit was Language of Common people in Vedic era and Late Puranic era. even in 475 CE Sanskrit was used by people in Gujarat ruled by Maitraka Empire. Since Maitraka Empire was ruled by Former Governor of Gupta empire it's safe to say that even during Gujpa empire sanskrit was...
  2. The merchant of Venice

    Ancient India and Sanskrit

    When it comes to primary sources for ancient Indian history, how big of a role does Sanskrit play? It is comparable with latin and greek for grecoroman history, or less? If you only know Sanskrit, how big of a % of sources would you be able to access?
  3. G

    How should Sanskrit be revived in India (on a mass scale)

    Now what I mean is how can the study of the language be popularized in India on a mass scale. What kind of policy, frameworks, private initiatives can increase its scope and make it grow within India? Assume the practical considerations of it being associated with Hindu religion and the state...
  4. G

    What if Sanskrit would have become the official language in India

    I dont mean national language but an official language for conduct of all official proceedings of govt etc. Locals can speak and study their own languages but the pride of place given to English if it were given to Sanskrit. I mean Sanskrit becoming what is English today (not a replacement for...
  5. A

    Sanskrit is a MYTH created by Indian Govt

    Pre Enter: Sanskrit... Myth and Truth Sanskrit... Myth and Truth This article is not against to any body.History needs to be revisit again and again.Always there are untold stories in the past.Historians are basically story tellers.This article is very interesting and...
  6. Krtagni

    Indo-European names for animals

    A little chilled and lighthearted discussion spared of big jargons and volumes of papers once in a while is refreshing. :D Analyzing the common and cognate words especially those of a technical or biological nature including names of plants and animals and identifying the possible locations of...
  7. Aham Brahmasmi

    sanskrit or tamil, which one is oldest Language?

    some say that Tamil is oldest Language in South Asia and some say that Sanskrit is oldest one. can you guys tell me which one is oldest ?
  8. G

    Manipravalam (A hybrid language between Sanskrit and Tamil)

    Manipravalam was a literary style used in medieval liturgical texts in South India, which used an admixture of Tamil and Sanskrit.[1][2][3] Manipravalam is termed a mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil.[2] Tamil language was the language of the region, part of Tamilakam, at the time of Manipravalam's...
  9. G

    Are there any works in Sanskrit that are free verse or stream of conciousness

    Are there any works in Sanskrit that are in the genre of free verse or stream of consciousness without any meteric restrictions (to which a lot of the literary tradition in the language is restricted to)
  10. G

    2 Hindu epics,Brahmanas,Aranyakas & Upanishads are in Classical or Epic Sanskrit

    Where do these epics fit into the linguistic evolutionary stages of Sanskrit or do any of them fit into any other intermediate stage between the two?
  11. G

    Suggest some good books on history of Sanskrit without ideological bias

    Suggest some good books on history of Sanskrit language and literature without ideological bias. Basically the author should not have ideological bias like Sheldon Pollock.
  12. D

    Sanskrit and Avestan: Exploring sister languages

    This thread intends to: 1) Explore the etymology of sanskrit words as formulated traditionally by sanskritc grammarians 2)Explore the proto form of sanskrit words vis a vis their correspondance to hypothesised Proto Indo Iranian language and Avestan according to linguistics 3) Explore the...
  13. S

    Final 'a' in Sanskrit Words

    Many words in Sanskrit end with a short a, i.e. Arjuna, Chandragupta, Krishna, Ashoka etc. In Hindi, Arjuna is pronounced arjun. However, is this the correct Classical Sanskrit pronunciation of this word? Or would it actually be pronounced as arjuna? Same with words like Ashoka: in Sanskrit or...
  14. G

    Oldest & reliably dated written material in Sanskrit

    What is the oldest & most reliably dated written material in Sanskrit proven by carbon dating and other such scientific procedures? Kindly note I do not want the dating of oral but written work (inscription, text, parchment, seal etc.) in the language? Not a hypothesis date but the...
  15. Devdas

    Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit (BHS)

    I would like to know some information about Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit(BHS), how much was it different from Classical Sanskrit and Panninian Grammar and its use in religious texts in India or elsewhere in Asia.
  16. G

    Possibility of a Sanskrit revival similar to Hebrew revival

    Both were liturgical languages, spoken in ancient times, used by a religion for scriptural purposes, a body of ancient literature, lost in vogue in modern world. Barring priests they were barely understood. Hebrew overcame all this and using original old Hebrew roots formed amodern tongue. Can...
  17. G

    Female writers, poets, dramatist and intellectuals from pre Islamic India

    Were there many great female writers, poets, dramatist and intellectuals from pre Islamic India? Were there women who wrote on Sanskrit or in regional dialects? What kind of issues did they cover and did they write about the feminine psyche and through a female gaze. Was it common (please dont...
  18. G

    Questions about Sanskrit

    I am keen to learn the Sanskrit language. Just wanted to know if I learn the Modern Sanskrit and its grammar etc. will it help reading Ancient texts. I mean can if I learn Modern Sanskrit will Kalidasa's Shakuntala, Malvikaghnimitra or Dandin's works be readable and understandable. How has...
  19. D

    Sanskrit speaking villages in India

    Indian village where people speak in Sanskrit - BBC News Mattur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tale of two villages - The Hindu This village speaks gods language - The Times of India The Hyperglot...
  20. Levina

    Is Sanskrit really an Indo-European language???

    Is Sanskrit really an Indo-European language??? Forever now I've been looking for the answer to this question. I speak and understand many Indian languages and felt that sanskrit and Indian languages have many things in common than any of the European languages. And ergo I find it hard to...