1. H

    Byzantine sasanian war question

    Hello I want to know if there was a battle where the byzantine where defeated at the dead sea basin by the sassanins. At the time of 602 till 620 ad The battle of jerusalem was that fought at the dead sea or didnt the christians leave there walls? I really want to know the answer greetings
  2. B

    best sasanian Commander?

    who do you think is the best sasanian commander? and why?
  3. B

    Sasanian Empire high density population regions

    For the Sasanian empire what were the regions of high population densities.
  4. SafavideIrani

    The House of Ispahbudhan

    While telling about this family, i am going to use the word ''Iran'' instead of ''Persia'', which is also the more correct version. It is important to note that Iran was much bigger than it is today, so when i say ''Eastern Iran'', i mean the Eastern part of the Sasanian Empire, which is much...
  5. A

    Effects from Sasanian Persia establishing Kusts?

    What were the main: 1. INTENDED ADVANTAGES 2. ACTUAL ADVANTAGES 3. ACTUAL DISADVANTAGES for Sasanian Persia establishing the four Kusts?
  6. A

    Religions among common people in Sasanian Persia?

    Which religions did the common people of Sasanian Persia follow and which gods did they believe in? And in which different areas?