1. I


    This is a very long post. I initially posted this on Reddit and a Redditor told me about this site so I could post it here. Here's the link to the OG post: GUYS I FOUND A CULT : I_FOUND_A_CULT Here's the link to the updated section: Update • u/I_FOUND_A_CULT My father was an Afghan soldier...
  2. L

    Singing in Islam and Christianity

    I spoke with a Muslim and we discussed how come there is no hymn singing or gospel music in islam, like how we have in Christianity. he said that The answer lies in the role of Satan in heaven. He was head of music and what he does is cursed. Is this Is this true? Why doesn't Christianity...
  3. G

    Church of Satan

    Just wondering who are these people? I was googling Satanist and found Welcome to the Church of Satan They worship Satan the devil or---?
  4. pnoozi

    Christians, what if "God" is really Satan?

    The Christian Bible contains all sorts of tenets that we're supposed to follow. But how does one authenticate the Bible? I have wondered this for a while. How do you know the Bible is really the word of God? What if it was actually passed on to us by Satan, who is pretending to be God? What...
  5. Y

    Satan; who is he and how relevant?

    A rapid search on the Internet and I found two versions of Satan's history and role. 1- The latter version and better known, that of the fallen angel who became the enemy of God. 2- The second version more antique and it seems more comon in the OT, an angel serving God with the role of testing...
  6. D

    Are the names Lucifer and Satan interchangeable?

    My understanding of the matter has always been that Lucifer was the name of the devil pre-fall and his name was changed to Satan after the fact. Recently though i ran into Peter Binsfeld's list of the seven princes of hell. On the list both Lucifer and Satan appear. Now, I realize different...
  7. viking


    God made everything. God is all powerful. If so why allow Satan to exist? Also Satan tempts Jesus by offering him the world. Bit daft offering something to someone who made it in the first place. If you believe in the Trinity, Jesus is God in another form. Any thoughts on this?
  8. ghostexorcist

    Depictions of Satan

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam depict Satan in various ways. I wanted to share one depiction from Judeo-Persian literature. The source is a poetic version of the Bereshit-namab (The Book of Genesis) entitled "The Fall of 'Aza'zel." It recounts the story of how the angel falls from grace...
  9. The Imperial

    Satan's Economy??!

    An underground economy runs in India which produces USD 1 trillion every year, and it goes into Swiss Bank accounts each year..... :sick::push::wacko:
  10. LegioXIII

    Why does Satan exist in modern Christianity?

    I mean, we do not live in medieval times, we do not practice witchcraft, and we are more aware of our place in the world and the consequences of our actions more than ever. So why does the concept of an ultimate evil even exist? Beyond the fact that the greatest evil we've ever known, (I'm...
  11. thug.marie

    The rise of Satan

    In the bible, we see a progression from the Old Testament (yes I was raised Catholic) to the New Testament. In Hebrew writings, satan appears as an idea more often than an actual being. In the early Hebrew books, this word pops up pretty often, but the literal translation means: to oppose. We...