1. V

    Did Charlemagne kill hundreds of Saxon men, women and children in a field?

    Did Charlemagne ever have his soldiers put to death by sword, hundreds of Saxon men, women and children, in a field, when they refused to be baptized? I read that years ago, in more than one place, and have often cited it as fact. Today I cannot find where such a thing happened. Charlemagne...
  2. T

    Who is more underrated: Aethelwulf or Edward the Elder?

    Just as the name of the thread asks. It seems that grandfather and grandson are in the same boat. Both of these Anglo-Saxon kings are often overshadowed by their fathers (Ecgbert and Alfred) and sons (Alfred and Aethelstan) respectively despite their importance. Who do you think gets the short...
  3. notgivenaway

    Were the Angles, Jutes, and Saxons just the Norse's earlier incarnation?

    I tend to think so. Clearly the Anglo-Saxons in the 5th/6th centiuries saw that Western Rome had collapsed, and that they were able to seize what became England. They had started raiding in the 4th century, so they obviously know of the wealth Roman Britain had. So if they raided for wealth...
  4. richiethewanderer

    Anglo Saxon contact with Saxons in the dark ages

    Were there any contacts between Saxons in england and the Saxons in germany in the late dark ages? Did they dislike eachother during Charlemagne's reign since the saxons in england were christian and the saxons in germany were pagan?(If that was the case, my knolwedge of anglo saxon history is...
  5. S

    Would you consider the first Saxons and Frisian invaders to be "Viking?"

    Would you consider the Angles, Saxons Jutes and Frisians to be the first Viking invaders of England? Would it be reasonable to assume that the time between the 5th and 7th centuries marked the very first wave of "Viking" raids and settlements in Britannia? While the Scandinavian raiders of the...
  6. G

    skeleton Arthurian Britain timeline (Caesar to Egbert)

    This is only a rough composite timeline of British history from Caesar to Egbert. We have only given key words/names not full details. Certain people in the forum said our battle sites of "Arthur" discovery was "only one small part of dark age British history", and even though it wrongly...
  7. King Arthur

    Who were the traitors, Saxons or Local Britons?

    I read this very interesting work posted by another member, . HISTORY OF BRITAIN, 407-597, by Fabio P. Barbieri What fascinated me the most was the author's claim the Britons essentially deserved what they got, when they refused to pay the Saxons. The version of events I keep seeing is that in...
  8. King Arthur

    Did Saxons adopt?

    And, more specifically, would an infertile leader of a tribe maybe adopt a friend's son, to be his successor? (À la Julius Caesar with Octavian, though admittedly he was his niece). I envisioned such a situation in my novel but was wondering if it was accurate. -The leader of a Saxon tribe...
  9. King Arthur

    Fascinating conjectural take on the founding of the South Saxons

    RULERS OF THE SOUTH SAXONS | THE AELLEAN WARLORDSHIP, 477-514 A long read but fascinating. The author posits that "Aelle came with Cissa, Cymen and Wlenking" should be read as "Cissa and Cymen Wlenking (Cymen son of Wlenk/Wlanca)". I still belive Aelle had three sons as envidenced by places...
  10. M

    Questions about the Anglo Saxons and the Frankish Empire, 9th century AD

    Questions about the Anglo Saxons and the Frankish Empire, 9th century AD Hello, I am doing some research and have a lot of questions about this time period? Can anyone help with any of the following questions or give me somewhere to start? Thank you! WHAT WAS HUNTING LIKE IN ANGLO SAXON...
  11. G

    Did Slavs fight barbarian tribes post Rome, Anglo Saxons and Nordics

    What was the outcome of these engagements? and what stopped the Slavs from moving further westwards?
  12. R

    Was Gildas referring to Picts or Saxons re: "the notable storm"?

    I'm still trying to figure out who was the main adversary that threatened post-Roman Britain in the mid 5th century. We know that the Picts were a threat after the Roman withdrawn in about 409, but did they carry out their raids and invasions for many decades deep into the 5th century? Were...
  13. S

    Vikings: copiers of Jutes, Saxons and Frisians?

    Before the Vikings entered the history books, we know that they descended from the Vandals and the Goths, and moved eastward. There is no historical data (for as far as I know) to determine when these Scandinavian started seafaring, sea raiding, or piracy. However, we do know that other...
  14. S

    Was the Norman conquest good for England in the long run?

    One of the results of the Norman conquest was that it turned England's orientation south to Europe rather than to Scandinavia. There's no right or wrong answer to this I think, but I think that if the Normans had been defeated and never tried to conquer again, then either Anglo-Saxon England...
  15. Moros

    The Horse of the Saxons

    When did the Saxons first associate the horse as a symbol of their nation? It wasn't adopted as the Saxon coat of arms until the late 12th Century, supposedly borrowed from the banner of the 8th Century Saxon leader Widukind - who originally had a black horse banner, but changed it to white...
  16. BloodyPirate

    Anglo Saxons Angelic Sons of Isaac?

    What's the history of the Anglo Saxons being the Angelic Sons Of isaac? Iv'e read about the Anglo Saxons being part of the lost tribe of Isreal. Don't know how much accuracy that has, but am wondering what you guys think.
  17. Polynikes

    What did the Angles, Saxons and Jutes do to the native English?

    Hi, I'm pretty perplexed by this subject and that's being kind. 1. What exactly did the invading Germanic tribes do to the native English (Britons)? Did they kill them all off? Did they impose an Apartheid like system on the native British, where by Germanic men would rape and impregnate native...
  18. Caracalla

    Did The Angles and Saxons Invade Britain?

    I always thought that the Angles and the Saxons invaded Britain shortly after the Romans left. I'm not so sure now. I'm reading a book called Britain After Rome by Robin Fleming and she describes how after Magnus Maximus left Britain and took most of the British troops with him the city and town...
  19. MarshallBudyonny

    The Saxons win at Hastings

    Say the Saxons triumph on of the field of battle at Hastings and William's invasion is defeated and thrown back how would history have played out? Would there have been any major changes to English History? Would, say, the Tudors have even come to power?
  20. P

    Will the Saxons Escape the Dark Ages?

    I remember when we touched on the Anglo-Saxons at school, the subject opened with a brief account of the Roman conquest and withdrawal from Britain, then we were told that the 'Dark Ages' began; then it finished with and England returned to civilisation with the Norman Conquest! It has been...