1. okamido


    A new scripted series that is headed up by one of the creative team behind, The Tudors. It starts in 2013, on the History Channel. History Channel Enters Into Scripted Television With ‘Vikings’
  2. cup of tea

    the anglo saxons

    i recently finished reading Britain AD by Francis Pryor and he insists there is no archaeological record to support a sub roman collapse into anarchy and chaos, and further - and this is more interesting to me - that there never was any mass saxon migration or invasion in Britain. it seems...
  3. Cicero'sSilverTongue

    Cadwallon ap Cadfan, King of Gwynedd and the Ravager of the Saxons!

    So I was wondering if anyone else on this forum had an interest in Cadwallon ap Cadfan. He seems to be a rather important figure in Anglo-Saxon England, but doesn't seem to be given much publicity. I mean, took over Northumbria, and according to the "venerable Bede" was a very cruel ruler of...
  4. Perix


    I always wondered about the true identity of this germanic people. Where they a distinct nation, or rather a kind of confederation of folks. From the saxons who melted in english folk, to the ones who populated low countries, and melted there, to the nowdays bavarians and the ones spreaded in...
  5. Chookie

    Angles and Saxons

    The Angles are always seen as a distinct people, whether they are referred to as Cimbri (Strabo), Tuetones (Pliny) or Anglii (Tacitus). While not wishing to cause too many upsets, I am going to suggest that while it is entirely possible they are (or were) a homogenous people, it is equally...
  6. Helfaeng

    Saxons Versus Mongols

    Who do you think would win in a light skirmish between these firece warrior peoples? I have to go with the Saxons on this one.

    Who are the Anglo Saxons

    Who are the Anglo Saxons and where did they come from ? As their seems to be some newbies who are interested in Anglo Saxon history I think it would be a good idea to start a thread on the subject. To be honest, it's an area of history I could do with a bit more knowledge on :o I look...
  8. old_abe

    the saxons

    As I know, the most known opinion is that they started from Samartia, an area North of the Black Sea, however they are many interpretations. A couple of you on here specialize in this portion of history, so I'm hoping you can help me out.