1. T

    Alger Hiss, Communist Spy or Innocent Victim of Red Scare?

    Alger was convicted at the very height of the red scare scare in a trial that was conducted in the media largely of having lied about being a communist many years before. Many, many people think he was guilty. The trial propelled Richard Nixon into the VP slot and later to the presidency, it...
  2. D

    Did Sputnik Really Scare Americans That Much?

    The conventional wisdom is that the launch of Sputnik I by the Soviets in 1957 scared the crap out of the American people and that we poured money into the school systems to get more kids into math and science. Is this actually true? From what I've read in magazines at that time the...
  3. Lawnmowerman

    The Lavender Scare

    At the height of his influence McCarthy targeted homosexuals serving in the government as security threats. His thinking was that Homosexuals could be blackmailed into delivering state secrets to the Communists. Better get them out before they spill the beans. As a result several careers and...
  4. DrGuru

    Why was the V1 Rocket more of a scare than a success?

    I heard that more people died from building the V1 rocket than people they've launched it at. I also heard it was extremely expensive to produce. But surely a rocket with such a size was indeed powerful. Why exactly was it a failure? Too complicated to make? Too expensive? From what I've...
  5. K

    Red Scare justified?

    McCarthy is usually understood today to be a guy who whipped up panic regarding communists where there was no justified reason to do so. When people "named names in the '50's" this is generally seen to be a bad thing......but the fact remains that early after the WWII all levels of the US...
  6. larkin

    Red Scare, revisited

    The first Red Scare: Before the stock market crash and the great depression that followed it, there was no right to strike and there was no collective bargaining. "You don't like it, don't work here!" This characterized business's attitude and at that time and they were supported by the...
  7. J

    1st Red Scare compare to 2nd Red Scare

    How does the 1st Red Scare compare to the 2nd Red Scare? 1st Red Scare compare to 2nd Red Scare Both nationwide panics occurred in an immediate postwar period, when the public was calling for a "return to normalcy." In both cases, constitutional rights were severely abused in the process of...
  8. J

    1st Red Scare compare to 2nd Red Scare

    How does the 1st Red Scare compare to the 2nd Red Scare?
  9. Montage

    HMS York scrambled to Scotland in security scare as Russian

    HMS York scrambled to Scotland in Russian fleet security scare | Mail Online A Royal Navy destroyer was scrambled to Scotland in a major security scare after a Russian aircraft carrier came within 30 miles of British shores for the first time in 20 years. HMS York travelled around 1,000...