1. S

    Can Somebody Help me with W.H. Summer School

    If you have a discord I can send you the questions. I was also hoping somebody would check the ones I've already done.:deadhorse:
  2. S

    British boarding schools c1900

    As I understand it, the second half of the 19th century, and early years of the 20th, were the time when small proprietor-headmaster owned school were at a peak. My question, which I have been unable to find any guidance, relates to a local history project I have been researching. A private...
  3. B

    School project

    Hi everyone! I made a survey and i would really appreciate it if you could answer the questions. I am a Dutch student and this survey is for a school project. I gather results to find out how many people know about this part of the American history i ask in the survey. The link is...
  4. C

    What if...Hitler got accepted to Art School

    What if Hitler would have been accepted into the academy of fine arts in Vienna. Would we have had a WW2? Even more so, where would Americans be today? Remember, Operation paperclip was an important part of history, when the Americans spared the lives & sentences of Nazi scientists for them to...
  5. E

    Russian history topic: suggestions?

    Hello everyone. I have to do research for school. We have to do research on a topic we like. You can choose everything, as long as it is a question you can answer. There can be more questions in one paper, those questions need to be asked to help you find the answer to the original question...
  6. M

    Via Historiae new ! ! !

    Do you like History? Read a new magazine issue :) (University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava) MOD EDIT: Link removed. Recruitment to another site is not permitted on Historum.
  7. U

    Political note on the board left by US History teacher -Utah school

    This was left by the permanent teacher and has been up since the election. I saw it when I was subbing last week at a public high school near Salt Lake. "If you are Mexican, Muslim, Mormon, gay, transgender, disabled, female, an immigrant... I will stand with you and I'll always stand up for...
  8. D

    Academic Guidance Researcher's question regarding high school history textbooks in Atlanta area

    Good day fellow users! First of all, my apologies for the upcoming language issues, English is not my first language. I am looking for some help with data collection for my upcoming doctoral dissertation. In my dissertation I am examining whether (and if so, how?) high school history...
  9. R

    USA high school

    Hello I have almost 50 pages about relationship of an American boy and a Russian girl. And only now I asked myself a question, 'How much time does high school take?' So, for senior high (the boy is 17 y.o.) What time do lessons start and what time do they finish? How many lessons a day? What...
  10. G

    Why has the BJP been unable to revive the nationalist school of historiography

    Right wing movements have indeed gained ground post Liberalization and yet BJP has been unable to revive these alternative schools of historiography. Why has the BJP both under Vajpayye and especially now under Modi not been able to bring back this school of thought in historianship as well as...
  11. N

    School in 1934

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am looking for some answers/advice. I apologize in advance if my English is not very understandable...:push: Let's imagine we are in 1934, do you know where a very healthy person would put his 16 years old child? If it is in a private school, does that...
  12. G

    What is the theory for Anti AMT/AIT school on Mittani and Indo-Iranians

    The similarities between Mittanis and Iranians with Indo-Aryans is very close to be ignored. So how does their narrative fit into the non AIT/AMT theory school of thought? How do they reconcile these into the framework?
  13. A

    Previous school,highschool,college years before 1989

    I mean the years before Nicolae Ceausescu.How was schooling back then?Was it more different than nowadays?When you were entering a highschool or college you were getting out with something usefull and applicable?How many study hours were there in that time?Were there manuals,exercises...
  14. Hessian Historian

    Academic Guidance Applying to Grad School with 2 B.A.s--One Great & One Bad

    I'm a lifelong lover of history. I have not always been a lifelong good student. I earned straight As, had perfect attendance, joined National Honors Society, and graduated a year early from high school. Then came college. At 17 years old, having come from a strict household, and suddenly...
  15. Jubelu

    Eastern vs Western School of Nomadic Warfare

    I found this interesting thesis from this guy on this site: Source: What do you guys think of it? I think it is a ridiculous over-generalization!
  16. JoanOfArc007

    Afghan boy hailed as hero for fighting Taliban killed on his way to school

    I commend Fox News for showing this side of Muslims..This is an important story to get out. A 10-year-old Afghan boy who helped lead a militia fighting terrorists alongside his uncle, then left to attend fourth grade, was shot in the head and killed by Taliban insurgents while walking to...
  17. A

    Police officers in schools-The School to Prison Pipeline

    Huge issue here in the US. Instead of adults and the system focusing on providing these schools with counselors, group time, even more exercise for the kids, artistic ways to let out their frustrations....anything to help curb behavioral problems, the system says the way to curb behavioral...
  18. larkin

    How High School History Books are Written

    As a fairly long term member of Historum I have, on occasion broken the prohibition of discussing current events. I have been admonished and at times even been suspended for short periods of time. In my defense, I would usually reference current events in the context of historical...
  19. Earl_of_Rochester

    The Beslan School siege in Russia, 2004

    It's been over a decade since this tragic event, but why did it happen? Afaik it was never really adequately explained to the West. According to wiki one of the women's husbands was tortured to death by Russian troops, so was this attack a religious styled one as seen in the West or was it more...
  20. S

    High school world history textbook recommendations

    Hello: I'm new to the forum. i've taught mostly English for the last 15 years. Since I'm also endorsed in social studies, my principal roped me into teaching sophomore World History this year. I'm thrilled! The problem is, our textbook is way over the kids' heads. We're using Ways of the...