1. Comet

    School Year finished is officially OUT! At least for me that is. Anyone else still teaching or was I the only one left :eek:
  2. L

    Goods book on Cold War for high school kids?

    Hello Historum people. I am currently learning about the Cold War in history here in USA and I moved to USA from another country and I have little to no knowledge on a lot of American things, and I also didn't take history last year because it wasn't required by the school. My teacher is...
  3. Comet

    Teaching religion in school

    Over the last couple of days, I have been teaching a majority of my school about Christianity. I have always taught the religion and its history to college/university students that I tutored and high school students in the classroom, but I had never taught it to kids younger than 16. So several...
  4. fire_of_sekhmet

    School Principal Volunteers to Donate Kidney to Save Student's Life I think this is a heart warming story and just in time for christmas. Today is one of the good days. Morgan Corliss, 13, feels well enough to go to school, even as she suffers from a rare kidney disease. "I've had a fever. ... My kidneys...
  5. Commander

    history of school?

    What caused civilizations to start schools? Why would we vere away from teaching children to work and fight (for war)?
  6. old_abe

    School Shootings

    A couple school shootings today? What gives? Who the hell shoots up an Amish school. That person is SICK
  7. Vir0n

    History Grad School

    I have a question about history graduate school admissions. It seems that most of the programs do not specifically require a BA in history. Most require a certain amount of undergrad credit hours in history and foreign language, but some are a bit vague in their requirements. I assume that...
  8. 9

    History classes required for high school?

    Only required class when I was in highschool was civics history class. It wasn't much to learn except that you had to volunteer locally