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    Serb scientists that participated in the Apollo program: Milojko Vučelić, Danilo Bojić, Pavle Duić, Milisav Šurbatović, Petar Galović, Slavoljub Vujić, David Vujić
  2. Byzantine mechanical sundial device.jpg

    Byzantine mechanical sundial device.jpg

    A mechanical sundial device consisting of complex gears made by the Byzantines has been excavated which indicates that the Antikythera mechanism, a sort of analog device used in astronomy and invented around the late second century BC, continued to be (re)active in the Byzantine Empire in the...
  3. Tammuz

    Fact and Consensus in the Theory of Science

    In the everyday understanding of reality,facts are seen as something that exists independently of the cognition of subjects. This does not correspond to the factual understanding of today's theory of science. First of all, a misunderstanding must be clarified: according to current theory of...
  4. El Cid

    Byzantine science and cultural contribution to the world:

    In order to receive a Bachelor of Arts in History at university in Europe, you need 180 ECTS points which can be gathered in 3 or 3 and half years (at least here in Scandinavia). I have studied various aspects, and with regard to the Western Civilization there are 4 particular civilizations that...
  5. F

    Is "Ideal" science very different from how scientist do their work?

    By reading some popular science sites and some popular books I have got that idea. That if we think scientist only make rock-hard conclusions based upon solid observations and experiments that is far from the whole truth. That what they do very often is as much about modelling, hypothesis and...
  6. D

    What of Old Philosophy Texts in Age of Science?

    What of Old Philosophy Texts in Age of Science? I can see studying the ethical and moral arguments. Anyone here actually spend Friday nights reading about metaphysics and water as the basis for all matter?
  7. Quill And Ink History

    Aristotle's outstanding contributions to the ancient sciences.

    I recently made a short educational video covering the outstanding contributions that Aristotle made to the Greek sciences. The main focus of the video is to cover Aristotle's treatment of the philosophical problems such as the questions change and knowledge that were posed by the philosophers...
  8. P

    Medical Science of the Dar-Al-Islam

    Hello. I am wondering what the fundamental improvements Islamic medicine made that Galen was a great scientist; to the point where I suspect he had Indian Influences (and is thus evidence that the cross-fertilisation of Indo-European medical science must predate the rise of Islam.) Galen...
  9. Quill And Ink History

    Hypatia of Alexandria(Important aspects popular historians apparently like to ignore)

    The late antique philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria has according to Professor Edward J Watts become the Greeco-Roman worlds fifth most well known philosopher which have a loot to do with her being lifted up by history popularizes like Carl Sagan and Bettany Hughes(plus that movie from 2009)...
  10. analysis17456

    What do you love most about science?

    Not the most scientifically literate? Doesn't matter here in this fan thread. What around you do you think is due to science and what do you love about it? Like e.g. computers, painkillers, antibiotics, satellite communications infrastructures etc.
  11. F

    Humans after the age of science?

    "Is science infinite" asks John Horgan in Scientific American. Will the rest of human existence be dominated by ever expanding scientific (and possibly technological) achievements? Or may we enter an age when they lose influence to other activities and experiences?
  12. A

    Science trumps the Trump

    Here is an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. It is science that separates our democracy from the dictators like Moa, whose good intentions but ignorance lead to the starvation of thousands of Chinese. Trump has denied global warming and wants policies that favor the industries...
  13. Rex Hiemis

    Medieval science and technology

    Was Medieval science and technology really so backward and dark? Most people claim nothing done for the sake of science during Medieval times and we would go to the Moon earliler, if there would be no Medieval Ages. Your toughts?
  14. Rex Hiemis

    Was ancient science and technology really so advanced?

    Was ancient science and technology so advanced? Most of the people claim people would go to the Moon earlier if there would be no Medieval Ages. What are your toughts?
  15. R

    Science and philosophy in the Low Countries

    Flanders and the Netherlands both have a long, venerable tradition of cultural/intellectual achievement. These two splendid nations have produced many great scholars and researchers in all scientific and metaphysical spheres: physicians, astronomers, geographers, mathematicians, philosophers and...
  16. M

    Any good books on political science overview?

    I am 69 years old. I always wondered what political science classes would have been like...had I had an interest in that way back when. Are there any "affordable" books on political science that folks here could recommend? I have seen the textbook on "Political Science; An...
  17. F

    What's Worse-Being Unemployed or Working in a False Science Job

    The true unemployment rate is about 50%. If you don't have a job, you are considered a loser. Yet, if your a murdering. lying Politician you're called a "pillar of the community". Is it worse to be unemployed and be a loser,? or to have a job that pays hundreds of thousands a year, but is...
  18. F

    Machiavelli's The Prince Political Science or Satire?

    My father sent me an email recently with an article from SoldierSystems on Machiavelli and leadership, the article is well written but what is more interesting is the debate that began in the comments between the author and "Kirk". I do not have much of an opinion on Machiavelli as I would like...
  19. D

    Morton Hunt: A Favorite Author

    Anyone here also loving the works of Morton Hunt? Such as: The Story of Psychology The Universe Within: A New Science Explores the Human Mind I have always been intrigued with physiological psychology, and now specifically cognitive science. I also love western history. The two...
  20. Excalibur

    History of criminology

    Thrilling tales from the history of criminology. The heroes aren't famous detectives, but the discoverers of scientific methods used in solving crime. Each episode, filmed in the appropriate period setting and starring leading Czech and German actors, has its own story to tell. The series...