1. morayloon

    Is MI5 Interfering In Scottish Affairs?

    Are the Alex Salmond sex misconduct accusations all that they seem? Salmond has been accused of impropriety. The Complaints process was supposed to be confidential but details were leaked to the Daily Record. Salmond's view is that the procedure is loaded against the accused who are unable to...
  2. D

    What Weapons on Armour Would 11th Century Scottish Armies Use?

    I would have thought it would have been similar to the English armour, mail, gambeson and maybe a tad of leather armour or just thick clothing, but I have no idea about the weaponry, from my understanding the Scots had a focus more on pikes and swords were quite rare in general (pretty much all...
  3. PoochieMoo

    Help Identifying a Sword

    Hello! I was at a flea market today and found this Scottish basket hilt sword. The guy gave it to me for 30$, so I'm definitely skeptical as to how legitimate it is. It looks old, but I'm curious as to how old it is, and if it is actually legit or just a replica. Thanks!
  4. Blue

    Scottish Soldiers Excavated Under Durham

    Durham Palace Green remains were Scottish prisoners - BBC News yl9c_0Gt3Tc W7G3Et0YGrw ZKrxNIK07A0 Construction workers building a new café for an old library discovered the remains of Scottish soldiers who were...
  5. H

    Ideas for sources on early-modern Scottish history?

    I was going to create two separate threads for this, but to avoid cluttering the forums or coming across as annoying I thought I'd combine them in to one. I'm searching for suggestions for books that go in to detail on Scottish history during the early-modern era, specifically in either of these...
  6. A

    Noob Question About Scottish History

    Yeah, so I'm an American of Ulster Scots descent and most of those people are Lowland Scots. So, the difference between Lowland Scots and Highland Scots are that culturally the Lowland Scots were historically English or Anglo Saxon while the Highland Scots were Gaelic culturally and...
  7. C

    Scottish Independance

    With Sturgeon's Recent Announcement whats the speculation for Scotland's Future? -Will it clear Holyrood -What will be changed in Westminister -What will the Scots vote Seems to be that it will be put off until post-brexit and then Scots will vote to remain Polls seem to show a minor remain...
  8. Grimald

    A New Chance for Scottish Independence?

    After British voters expressed their will that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, will there be a second chance for Scottish independence? After all, voters in Scotland clearly opposed Brexit, with 62.0% voting against Brexit (versus only 46.6% in England). In addition, one of...
  9. G

    Did Irish, Scottish and Welsh peoples ever ally together against common enemy England

    Did they ever? What was the outcome? Why did this not happen more often since such an alliance could have held fort against expansionist English? Also Cornwallian peoples ever have a strong independent monarchy of their own and if that too could have been this alliance?
  10. notgivenaway

    Am I alone in wishing the Scottish referendum was a yes vote?

    I'm not Scottish, I'm English, but I still believe Scottish independence is inevitable in some form. But then I don't get why this would be such a negative thing. I personally don't care about global influence, it's outdated. And the two only united out of economic convenience, little else. It's...
  11. pablo668

    Edward I and the Scottish Throne.

    Over the years all the reading I've done reading has pointed towards Edward I seeking to take over Scotland opportunistically, via initially dynastic marriage, being recognised as Lord Paramount, Setting up a puppet King, demanding oaths of fealty, declarations of suzerainty and I'm not sure...
  12. DShim

    Scottish Highlander

    When people think of Scotland or someone famous from the Scottish Highlands, they think of William Wallace because of the whole movie with Mel Gibson and all that stuff. But William Wallace wasn't a highlander and was instead a lowland warrior. I tried to search for an actual famous highlander...
  13. notgivenaway

    Teaching Scottish history in UK schools

    How come most history we learn is English, and not Scottish? Take the medieval era, just as Henry I, Henry II or Edward I were great English kings, how come we don't learn about Robert the Bruce more? Or momentous events like Magna Carta, why not the Auld Alliance? Or about the Normans who...
  14. W

    Warsaw's Scottish Mayor

    Of the many Scots who came to Poland-Lithuania in the early modern era one of them, Alexander Chalmer (also spelled Chalmers, and known in Polish as Aleksander Czamer) was a businessman who served four terms as the lord mayor of Warsaw during the late 17th and early 18th century. (source: Scots...
  15. F

    Scottish ingenuity?

    What's the explanation of Scottish ingenuity? 5 million Scots contributed to civilization in terms of science, philosophy, technology more than many "big" european countries.
  16. F

    British (english, scottish and irish) mercenaries in 30 years war

    Hello everyone, I' am trying to find some information about mercenaries on swedish side in thirty years war. Can you recommend me some books to read about it, or some articles. Thanks in advance
  17. D

    Scottish independence and the aristocracy

    I've been thinking about the nature of political conflict in regards to the recent referendum in the united kingdom, and a thought experiment came to me that I'd like to share. In the new united states there was an executive decision made not to call George Washington a King, even though...
  18. tigertank06

    Scottish attitudes towards Irish Independence?

    So with the upcoming vote on Scottish Independence, I was wondering how the Scottish people viewed Irish Independence? Did they want something like that in the past? Did they disapprove of it? Were they indifferent? This American would like to know.
  19. Bart9349

    The Covenanters: The Scottish Taliban?

    While doing research on the Scottish Covenanters, I stumbled on this article: The Covenanters: the Scottish Taliban? | The Socialist Party of Great Britain I'm not religious, so I try to approach religious matters from an objective and rational perspective. I'm sure the Covenanters were...
  20. OldeEnglish40

    Scottish Men at Arms and mercenaries in France

    I am starting a thread to share information and illuminate the contribution of the Scots to the French war machine beyond Bauge and Verneuil, and of course the Scots gaurds. Little is known by most of Hugh Kennedy at Patay and other later exploits. First, a good essay by the university of...