1. jameen

    If Ming sea expedition never stops

    Do you believe the Chinese during that time rules the world if Ming emperors never stop the sea expeditions and instead adopted the open border policy like in the days of Han, Tang and Song Dynasties?
  2. holoow

    Sea monsters

    Were stories about Sea monsters attacking ships really true?
  3. Tulius

    Sea Pirates and Corsairs in Europe and the Mediterranean 14th and 15th centuries

    Due to the influence of important works, both historical and fictional, and due to the media, today, in the West, when we think of Pirates and Corsairs, we tend to think about the “golden age” of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea, with English pirates attacking Spanish Galleons full of gold in their...
  4. W

    Could the Imperial Japanese Navy do an Operation Sea Lion and land troops on England?

    There is a cliche that Imperial Japan hands down was superior to the Kriegsmarine in technological, manpower (including number of ships) and war tactics and doctrine with the only thing the Germans being superior in was their U Boat (and even than Japanese subs were not too drastically inferior...
  5. P

    State of SEA before Indian colonization

    Can someone please explain what was the culture of SEA before Indians colonized the entire area? Did these people have their own: a) Script b) Religion c) Architecture d) Warriors e) Methods of agriculture and so on and so forth... Basically lands of today's Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia...
  6. LatinoEuropa

    Operation Green Sea

    Operation Green Sea - Invasion Guinea Conakry by Portugal. It is a real story that has been hidden from the Portuguese for many years. some say that they made the attack to destroy PAIGC weapons and also to release Portuguese soldiers who were prisoners in Guinea Conakry...
  7. Earl_of_Rochester

    U-Boat versus Sea Monster

    I've been watching World War Weird, which is a superbly authentic and well researched historical series and apart from the Nazi aliens flying to Roswell one of the stories was about a U-boat captain in WW1 who fought off an attack by a giant sea monster. Fortunately the Royal Navy came to his...
  8. Todd Feinman

    Could it be... Sea Serpents?

    This one sounds like Nessie or something.. The daily Madisonian. (Washington City [i.e., Washington, D.C.]) 1841-1845, October 07, 1843, Image 2 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress
  9. Marcellus

    3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People

    I did the same topic 2x unintentionally, some moderator delete this one, please
  10. notgivenaway

    Options other than a march to the sea.

    Let's say that instead of the March to the Sea that Grant and Sherman, with Abe's approval of course, launched an assault on Virginia? There is no way the CSA could hold off this, and Grant and Sheman knew that Atlanta was a safe holding. It may also have quickened the war, as there were few...
  11. EmperorTigerstar

    Sea Peoples: Symptom or Cause of the Bronze Age Collapse?

    Extra Credits on YouTube had a good series about the Sea Peoples: a group of people whose identity is mostly mysterious that happened to invade a lot of places causing a lot of cities to collapse. Around the same time the famous and also mysterious Bronze Age Collapse occurred. The narrator of...
  12. grey fox

    Theft and vandalism and Sherman's March to the Sea

    The thread "Were the Southern generals traitors?" on the American History subforum digressed into the question: Was Sherman a war criminal? The digression largely focuses on whether or not Sherman violated the Lieber Code and/or any other Codes of Warfare or contemporary standards of warfare...
  13. dlnewhouse

    One if by land, two if by sea

    I just tried looking this up. Who held the lanterns in the church to indicate the British were coming by sea?
  14. Joe Freeman

    Raiding and piracy in the North Sea before Viking Age?

    What do you know about pirates and raiders of the North Sea before the Viking age started properly(793 AD)? Did it happen before, were there any raiders attacking the British Isles before the Vikings started wrecking havoc in EUrope? What about piracy?
  15. aldo12

    Sea People

    Who were the Sea People described by the ancient Egyptians 1200 B.C ( Before Christ ) ? ... I don't accept BCE - before common era - .. Our calendar system begins with JESUS Birth ....even if the exact year of Jesus Birth is 5 or 6 years earlier People from Crete ? Sicily ? Sardinia ?
  16. Raunchel

    Ancient Red Sea Shipping

    For something that I'm writing, I am looking for information about shipping and ships in the Red Sea around 50 BC. Does anyone happen to have any information about it all? Like, what kinds of ship were used?
  17. B

    Frisian (Frisii) sea raiders pirates north sea

    I discovered the History Forum (thankfully) from a search engine, and came upon the threads of a 2014 discussion on late Iron Age/Dark Age Frisian (Frisii) sea traders and raiders. I am working on a Scottish Broch project, and remember, more than a decade ago, reading (a book I think) about a...
  18. GasMask

    Russian TU-154 plane carrying 92 people crashes into the Black Sea

    Russian Tu-154 plane carrying up 92 people disappears | Daily Mail Online Possible new terrorist attack? I am not 100% convinced its not, despite it being a military plane
  19. tomar

    Diverting sea water into deserts to combat rise of ocean level ?

    One of the expected negative effects of global warming is a rise of ocean levels, with some Island nations liable to disappear.... We are not talking huge numbers, perhaps 1 to 2 meters rise of sea level Therefore why not divert ocean waters into deserts of which we have plently (the Sahara...
  20. Fernando Perla

    Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean Sea

    Could Spain have held off Ottoman advance in the Mediterranean, had they not have conquered Mexico and Peru? Thank you.