1. Decembrist

    Jihad: killing of dissident bloggers promoting secularism and democracy in Bangladesh

    Niloy Chatterjee, (pen-name is Niloy Neel) other bloggers: Ananta Bijoy Das Washiqur Rahman Babu Avijit Roy you can read more here: Attacks_on_secularists_in_Bangladesh
  2. H

    Emperor Akbar and his secularism

    While researching on Akbar's policy of secularism, a question came to my mind. Akbar developed a strong disdain towards Islam and its ideals. In "The Commentary of Father Monseratte", Father Monseratte states, "His sentiments with regards to Muhammad were very different; for he believed him to...
  3. 1991sudarshan

    Grand Coalition in Egypt- Is it the the begining a Secularism in The Middle East

    The islam Brotherhood in Egypt has reached out to the youths, Christians and Women to support them to form the government and and the Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsy has promised for the rights and equal treatment of the Coptic Christians and Women and He has promised that women can clad what...
  4. Sharks and love

    Egypt - History and prevalence of secularism

    I would like to create a separate topic where we can focus in depth on the history and prevalence of secularism in Egypt, because I would like to know more about the country. Hopefully somebody has a better perspective than I do, but I will do my best to find relevant facts. The extent and...