1. F

    Is it time to think international relations and security beyond NATO?

    I just read that Secretary General of NATO,Jens Stoltenberg has epressed that we need NATO more than ever. But as the saying goes there is time for everything. Could it be we should look if NATO is still "the one and only" for ts members, and could there in near future be anything like an even...
  2. Gaius Julius Civilis

    UN Security Council urges end to Israeli settlements

    The big news is of course that the US didn't veto the resolution but abstained from voting, making it's passing possible. Needless to say this resolution won't change anything, but it's an important reminder that Israel is not above the law. Its criminal settlement enterprise violates...
  3. A

    Sweden and Finland signs security agreements with USA and NATO.

    Sweden did it a month back: Sweden Ratifies NATO Cooperation Agreement - WSJ And Finland did it day before yesterday:
  4. VHS

    Security Escort Companies (or Biaoju) during the Ming and Qing Dynasty

    Due to the rampant bandits and other security risks, the need for armed delivery of goods, mails, and personnels existed. The interesting fact is: the well-known Chinese security escort companies (鏢局) or biaoju only came into being during the Ming Dynasty. These companies mostly...
  5. Excalibur

    Collapsing Security in EU

    Tonight 3 Iraqi refugees came by Taxi from a German asylum center to Czech republic. They robbed a night bar and then they left by Taxi back to Germany. Cologne in Germany has already over 500 victims of New Year refugee mass attacks. Recent news say that identification of attackers is...
  6. Excalibur

    Security Council Approves Resolution on Syria Talks

    Negotiation between Assad and rebels approved by UN. UN also stated that Syrian people will decide future of Syria. It looks liek an another step to bring peace into this suffering country.
  7. DrvanNostrand

    Were all Indian kings as maniacal about security as Chandragupta Maurya?

    As per RK Mukerjee's magnum opus on the Chandragupta Maurya, CGM had an extensive security apparatus within his palace to guard against any sort of injury to his person or threat to his power , be it assassins or coup plotters Elaborate Provisions for the Kings Safety The design of the palace...
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Russian security services shut down museum exhibition on ww2

    Russian security services ?shut down? exhibition about wartime Britain and US - Telegraph "An exhibition featuring Second World War photographs from the Imperial War Museum in London has been prevented from opening in Russia, reportedly on the orders of the Federal Security Service. Jon Sharp...
  9. M

    The U.S declares Venezuela a national security threat

    The U.S declares Venezuela a national security threat and imposes sanctions on top officials. I'm not familiar with what's going on there? Can anyone tell me what they think of this? U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat, sanctions top officials | Reuters
  10. Jake10

    Job Security and How it Affects People

    If you're working, looking for a job, or still in school, you must think about job security. How secure is your job, or how secure do you believe it will be? How does this affect people?
  11. A

    Returning Syrian Jihadists Threatening European Security

    What do you think can the Syrian jihadists returning to Europe do and what will they do? How can the European governments react to the potential threat and what impact would a new wave of Islamic terrorist attacks have on the already strained relationship between Europeans and the Muslim...
  12. K

    "Stalin" "Black myth" of the security officers: NKVD troops in World War II

    "Stalin" "Black myth" of the security officers: NKVD troops in World War II Link: "Black myth" of the security officers: NKVD troops in World War II
  13. larkin

    Security as a function of government

    Being mindful of the prohibition on current events, I would introduce the subject of how governments asserted authority on their populations in the past. As a child I remember hearing about the excesses of the Nazis on the German people to maintain control. A lose word or casual objection to...
  14. L

    UN Security Council Reform

    There has been a call for UN Security Council Reform by certain Japan, Germany, Brazil, and India. All 4 have good arguments for why they deserve a permanent seat. While I can't see Japan and Germany getting a seat Brazil and India are rising. Do you think France and Britain will ever be...
  15. Jiujitman

    Social Security

    I have a History paper due on Social Security. I would like to do a brief introductory on the depression, poverty, standard of living, and life without Social Security. This is a for or against paper; I am writing "for" SS. I would then like to take 3 or 4 arguments against SS, and then...
  16. D

    Word is out, Dept. of Homeland security is....

    ordering massive quantities of ammunition of varying calibers. What does Sec. Janet Napolatano have in mind? Dave W.
  17. Cavanboy

    Liberty for Security = Loss of both

    "Those who will give a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benny F Those are the words that come to my head when I look at todays social policys, the eroding of human rights in return for a heavier police force which "ensures of safety" whilst in the...
  18. Chancellor

    Liberty or Security?

    What do you prefer, if you have to choose? Liberty or security?
  19. General Michael Collins

    The 30 year Rule

    The Irish National Archives Amendment Bill 2012 was initiated in Dáil Éireann last month. The purpose of this Bill is to change the '30 year rule', where Departmental Documents are declassified and made available to the public via the National Archives (vital to the work of historians) to a term...
  20. D

    BREAKING NEWS: Obama's Phony Social Security Number

    It is being revealed......