1. T

    seeking a compilation of roman senatorial decrees (senata consulta) in english

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to find all extant roman senatorial decrees translated to english. can someone please advise me on this? thanks!
  2. T

    seeking sources for all roman letters of correspondence (besides cicero and pliny)

    Hello, I am hoping to get some direction as to where I can find publications of extant roman correspondence. cicero and pliny are the most famous, and are easy to find, but I know much more exists from many more people. I just found out augustus himself has some existing letters. Does anyone...
  3. JoanOfArc007

    Seeking more information on the The SSNP emblem and the SSNP

    It has been said that the emblem of the SSNP(Syrian Social Nationalist Party) combined elements of the Christian Cross and Muslim Crescent. Im seeking more information on the SSNP Emblem as well as the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, for example to what extent did Christians and Muslims work...
  4. B

    Seeking Nevada Historical Society Leads for Civil Case details

    I’m trying to find details of a civil suit filed in Nevada. On June 23rd 1936 page 12 of the Reno Gazette-Journal in Reno Nevada, under “Suits Filed” there is a “Frank Marvin Blasingame vs. Marguerite Louis Blasingame”. I’m looking for details of this suit. I have contacted the archivist at...
  5. B

    Seeking source about a certain theme in african mythology

    Is there any truth to this? Can someone point out a link or book which supports it?
  6. A

    Seeking Information on a Arm Band

    Hey Guys I am hoping ya'll can help me I am looking for any useful information about a military arm band I found in my attic. It kind of looks like a biker arm band but I am unsure. It belonged to LT Dillard I believe he was in the DMZ he was also an Army Ranger and in the 2nd Infantry division...
  7. WhatAnArtist

    At what point was Napoleon Bonaparte set on seeking greater power over France?

    His early career was certainly fascinating and often filled with his own internal conflicts over where his loyalty lay (first with the issue of Corsica vs France, and then with the revolutionaries vs autocrats). What I'm curious about and wanted to start a discussion about is at what point in...
  8. DaveK

    Seeking HF: Early Medieval Period and Byzantium

    So I imagine most of you here have a pretty high standard for scholarship within historical fiction. I absolutely loved Robert Harris's Cicero Trilogy. (Don't midn that there are four books listed. Lustrum was retitled Conspirata for US sale) What was great was reading it on my kindle...
  9. Sunda Strait

    Seeking UK/UK/Pacific 1939-1965

    As-yet-unpublished historical novelist with wide-ranging research interests seeks discussion as well as book/film/music recommendations on topics including but not limited to: World War II: Prisoners of war of the Japanese, especially British and American World War II: The Pacific War generally...
  10. S

    Seeking recommendations for 'HOF' discussions

    I have been enjoying reading the thread Was America founded as a Christian nation? . Several posters offer excellent arguments supporting various perspectives, providing impressive citings. I'm looking for other 'Hall of Fame' discussions on historum, even if from several years ago, and...
  11. P

    Seeking other unintended consequences e.g. Flint, MI lead poisoning?

    Considering the lead tainting of the water system in Flint, Michigan as part of an austerity program, it seems to me that there must be a long history of examples of unintended consequences of pragmatic thinking gone wacko that go way back past John Locke and Adam Smith. So does anyone have some...
  12. miroslav

    a naif seeking an entry point into historiography

    Hello, everyone. My profile tells you much of what there is to know about me, even if the actual words are cryptic. I came here to read what knowledgeable enthusiasts have to say about history and gain what some disciplines call "an entry point" into the vast field of historiography, which can...
  13. K

    Academic Guidance Seeking advice

    Hello, I am a final year student of history in glorious eastern Europe university. I am a few months shy of having to sustain my bachelor's thesis and i am in a bit of a pickle… I want to write the thesis in the domain of medieval archaeology but I find myself in trouble of making my mind...
  14. Futurist

    Did Stalin consider seeking a separate peace with Hitler if D-Day would have failed?

    OK--I have heard someone on this one Alternate History group on Facebook suggest that Stalin could have sought a separate peace with Hitler if D-Day would have failed due to his claim that the Soviet Union was facing manpower shortages in 1944-1945. Thus, my question here is this--is there any...
  15. V

    Seeking help in translating a short Portuguese passage.

    Hello all,can anyone who can understand Portuguese please try translating this passage for me? It is basically from a book detailing Portuguese contact with my region in India.I'm looking for a word-by-word translation of these lines.The Nayres refers to my community who were traditionally...
  16. S

    Seeking highly readable history of India

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a highly readable history of India. It can be fiction of non-fiction. A James Michener novel would be perfect, as an example. I'm more interested in the pre-1900 era, and ideally the book would cover the entire history of India. If the book covers only a...
  17. David K

    Seeking the 1541 Grave of Melchior Diaz, first Spaniard to California, by land!

    Walter Henderson in the 1930's drove his Model A Ford, south of La Ventana on the old San Felipe road, then west near El Chinero as far into the Sierra Pintas as he could and he then hiked northwest in the direction of the Sierra Tinajas (his original goal). After reaching the divide of the...
  18. E

    Seeking information on the companies involved in the railways in British India

    Hi guys, Newbie here. I'm interested in finding information on 'Messrs. Hoare Miller and Company' Calcutta, British India. Ideally I'd like to find a detailed history of it and the major figures involved in its operation up until the 1940s. Does anyone know where I might source this...
  19. J

    Seeking WWII Historian!

    Good Afternoon (or whatever time of day it is for you), I am looking to get in contact (preferably email or private message here) to help me write a novel about a paratrooper going into WWII and I would need help with keeping it historically accurate. Just message me about it, thanks a ton! -John
  20. S

    seeking portrait by Charles Octavius Cole

    Hi, I'm afraid I'm not an art history student, but rather an author writing a biography of sorts about a 19th-century writer. I'm looking specifically for a painting of author and editor Charles Parker Ilsley, which was painted in 1838 by Charles Octavius Cole in Portland, Maine. The Smithsonian...