1. Sharks And L0ve

    How the American government created segregated black ghettos

    "Generations ago, during President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, the federal government started subsidizing a lot of housing. But they did it a certain way. The New Deal was a coalition of Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats. The Southern Democrats were segregationist, and in many cases...
  2. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Koumbi Saleh, the racially segregated capital of the Ghana Empire?

    Yikes: Just by reading the description it seems like a cross between racial and religious segregation, One town for the African pagans/sorcerers and their king, the other for Muslims(Arab but African Muslims as well, most likely). It's possible this was done due to religious friction, Ancient...
  3. B

    How far north were there segregated schools?

    The ruling was in Brown vs. Topeka. I know Washington and Baltimore had segregated schools: although the black schools were far inferior, they had famous academic black high schools. What areas in the north had segregated schools? I am pretty sure no schools in the old Confederacy were...