1. D

    Has anybody got submarine TV series Silent Service?

    Can you tell me if it is worth getting? I think it may be available directly through a museum or some such.
  2. F

    A modern day Durant series

    When somebody asks about what to read about general western history, some reply says don't read it from beginning to end, but focus on a period that is particularly interesting to you, because general history books tend to be superficial and no writer is good at all historical periods. In...
  3. P

    Netflix series Charité

    Charité, a German series set in 1888 in the charity hospital in Berlin follows on the British London Hospital 1905 and The Knick. However, Charitéincludes lots more social and political issues. I was startled at the end of the series to learn how much of it was based on fact. I didn't know...
  4. Romanianboy2013

    Are there any police tv series made in former Yugoslavia?

    In Romania we had a couple of movies in the 1970s called "Brigada Diverse" about romanian militia (as the police was called then). Even GDR(East Germany) had a police tv series called "Polizeiruf 110".
  5. Futurist

    A series of maps about Germany published in Fortune Magazine on September 1, 1939

    Here is a series of maps about Germany published in Fortune Magazine on September 1, 1939--on the eve of World War II: And here is a larger resolution version of these maps: It's quite interesting to look at what Germany looked like almost 80 years ago--at the start of World War II.
  6. Romanianboy2013

    Did the Communist Block had movies or series in James Bond style?

    We all know the James Bond british movies or american spy movies with western heroes defending "The Free World" from evil communist spies. I wonder if the countries from communist block had spy movies with heroes that fought against the evil capitalists. I only know that East Germany made some...
  7. M

    Grantville (1632 series) in the Roman Republic (298 BC)

    Grantville is the Fictional town of the 1632 series (A town from West Virginia which goes back in time to 17th-Century Germany) Notes about this Scenario: (PLEASE read this) -They go back to 298 BC -The town is 15 Miles North of Rome Info about Grantville: -From the year 2000 AD -3.5k...
  8. M

    Plausibility of the 1632 series by Eric Flint

    There is this long running Time-Travel Alternate History book series by Eric Flint It is called the 1632 series (also known as the Ring of Fire) In the year 2000 (because the first book was released back then) a West Virginian town is thrown through time and space It ends up in Thuringia...
  9. maTiasddsm

    Spies of Warsaw (mini series)

    Has anyone seen this miniseries about a french spy in the begining WWII?? Stared by David Tennant. In the end, there is train charged with all the gold of polish government, and they are taking it out of the country to prevent nazis put their hand on it. I googled that story a couple of times...
  10. maTiasddsm

    NatGeo series GENIUS, about Albert Einstein.

    Has anyone seen “Genius” ten chapters series on Nat Geo from april to june this year? I really enjoyed it. I expected it would have time to develop some of Einstein’s theories, not just mention them. But I want to ask you: 1- what’s your opinion on the way Einsten’s life and personality are...
  11. Todd Feinman

    Hynek series

    Hope they don't screw this up: History Orders UFO Drama From EP Robert Zemeckis Straight to Series | Variety
  12. S

    British itv series "Victoria"

    I watched this last January on PBS in the US. The good thing is that it got me to read up on the subject. The bad thing is that it got me to read up on the subject and discover that the series is mostly fiction. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but other PBS series such Wolf Hall (Henry...
  13. Naima

    so I saw the Marco Polo series and ....

    I am wondering what is relieable as reconstruction in the series ? Of course I am not talking of the romanced plot or the unhistorically correct sequence of events or even how Marco polo turns somehow from a merchant into a siege engeneer.... But mostly about the architecture, the armors, the...
  14. N

    Plans for movie and TV series about the battle of Narvik

    There are seperate plans for a movie and a movie and a ten episode TV series about Narvik. Both will be very high budget for a Norwegian Project. The TV series might end up a co - production with Germany and (some of) the allies who fought in Narvik, namely Britain, France and Poland. The...
  15. S

    The White Princess series

    We can discuss the series here. I couldn't find a thread for the series using the "Search" function. I thought the first episode was very well made.
  16. Excalibur


    A new series just airs: SS-GB. Germans won Battle of Britain and WW2. A British detective decides of his way in occupied Britain. I liked Man in the High Castle, i saw the first episode of this series tonight and it looks very good yet. IMDB: SS-GB (TV Mini-Series 2017? ) - IMDb Trailer...
  17. Excalibur

    Occupied TV Series

    Occupied (Okkupert) is a 2015 Norwegian series which just aired in my country. Story: Norwegian government came with a project of a clean energy and stopped supplying EU by oil and gas from Northern sea. EU hires Russia to occupy Norway and to renew the supplies. USA closing their eyes and...
  18. Excalibur


    Taboo is a new history series placed into dark London of early 19th century. A man in the middle of games of England, USA and powerful East India company. 6ZYAQSlIhM4
  19. Tulius

    TV series “Nobel”

    Recently I saw the first two episodes of the Norwegian TV Series “Nobel”, a Political thriller that follows the history of a soldier returning home after a tour in Afghanistan. I found it quite interesting, I will try to follow it and I also recommend it. But it is interesting to...
  20. Commodus

    Would you like a series based on the American Civil War?

    Do you think it would make a great drama TV show, with so many interesting personalities all gathered together in one conflict? And if it were ever made, who would you like to see play some of the key roles like Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis?