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    What was a gentleman-usher?

    Hi I found this definition in the play The Country Wife by William Wycherley: Horner: China-House, that’s my Cue, I must take it [Aside.] A Pox, can’t you keep your impertinent Wives at home? some men are troubled with the Husbands, but I with the Wives; but I’d have you to know, since I...
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    Were there indentured servants or slaves from India in colonial America?

    How many were there? Did any maintain their identity? Did they mix with the white or slave population?
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    Indentured servants from Scotland 1650/51

    I am hoping that there might be some Americans on here who have access to Massachusetts state archives. So far, I have only ever been able to piece together bits of the lives of the Scots who fought at Dunbar and Worcester. I've never seen a contemporary description of the March from Dunbar to...
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    In Colonial America, were some white indentured servants tricked into sexual slavery?

    I've been researching about the misuses/abuses of indentured servants, and been looking into if a few were indentured for one thing, but then forced into sexual slavery/prostitution. I'm specifically looking at the 17th century England shipments of convicts, children, etc. to the American...
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    How did the peerage address their servants?

    Would they address them by their first or last names? Particularly the upper servants such as the butler, housekeeper, or ladies maid. Does gender matter in how you would address a servant? Thanks
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    How dangerous was the role of batmen in World War 1 (and servants in wars in general)

    The popular view of servants in war is that they are safe and sheltered from both the hardships and dangers of war. Because they accompany and serve the officers (or Knights or equivalents in armies), they are often shown as enjoying the same luxuries their masters do from the same nutritious...
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    How was the relationship between servants and rich people in 1920?

    How was the relationship between servants and rich people in 1920? Was it possible for a female servant to get married to a rich man? Or would that put the rich man in a bad light? Thank you :)