1. W

    Information about Polish exiles serving Ottoman Empire?

    When reading about Polish exiles after the January Uprising of the 1860s I noticed a couple examples like Marian Langiewicz (aka Langie Bey) who apparently fled to Turkey and entered Ottoman service, I assume due to the Ottoman Empire's hostility toward Russia and the fact that it had never...
  2. H

    Hadrami Arab Muslim mercenaries serving the Hindu Maratha Empire

    There were Arab Muslims from Hadhramaut serving as mercenaries for the Hindu Maratha Empire against the British in the Anglo-Maratha Wars. Some people know about the fact that there were Marathi Muslims serving in the Maratha military like Ibrahim Khan Gardi but not alot know about the Arab...
  3. Menshevik

    Should the ban on transgender people serving in the military be lifted?

    Are you for or against transgender people serving in the military? Why? Do you live in a country that already allows them to serve?
  4. rvsakhadeo

    US court serving a summons on the Indian PM just ahead of his visit

    I have seen a news item on my mobile phone about half an hour ago. It is said that the US Court of the south district of New York has issued summons to our prime minister . These summons have reportedly been issued under a couple of rather frightening sections of the US law. An organisation in...
  5. Theodoric

    WWII question - Jewish soldiers serving the Third Reich

    Forgive me, WW2 is definitely not my area. My question revolves around Jewish soldiers in fighting for the Third Reich, and some of them in very prominent positions in the military. My limited research has found that there were indeed tens of thousands of Jewish Germans who were exempt from...
  6. Nemowork

    Execution of serving Autralian military personnel

    Since the subject came up in the Breaker Morant case of the myth of non-execution of ANZAC troops i thought i'd start the discussion here. Its well known that after the Morant case Australian public opinion refused to allow any more executions so that even when the sentence was passed and even...
  7. Emperor Trajan

    What is one unique thing you or a relative got to do while serving in the army

    I have two relatives who did something unique while they were in the military. My great grandfather was in World War 1 which I think is just very unique it's self. My grandfather got to go into East Berlin in 1955 that is also very unique to me. Edit I ment to put military it is open to any...
  8. jeroenrottgering

    What was the average German wehrmacht soldiers's view towards serving Nazi-Germany?

    I always wondered how did the average Wehrmacht soldier thought about serving a regime this evil? Im not talking about SS or SD or any other branch, but about the Wehrmacht. The regular soldier sort of speaking. My grandfather who is still alive considered the average German soldier stationed in...
  9. S

    95% of Marines uncomfortable serving with openly gay troops

    Wow, this is shocking, so much for LGBT rights in the military. Despite this, I still believe they should repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, what are your thoughts on this?