1. Old Spartan Veteran

    Recent discovery of oldest neolithic settlement in Egyptian Delta

    This extraordinary news came out yesterday, and I am wondering to what degree it will change theories about the settlement of Egyptian before the dynasties, since the settlement dates to 5000 BCE in the *Eastern* delta, which is older than the Merimde culture in the *Western* delta. Does this...
  2. throughthepastdarkly

    Settlement of South Africa

    Kindly note that this thread regards a period of a previous century, and yes it's for the sake of getting background on very controversial current events, but please keep any discussion limited to what happened centuries ago! Just want to establish: The initial settlement of South Africa...
  3. Y

    Prague, the name of settlement, since when

    Hello. I got a question from a tourist, since when was the settlement of Prague called Prague (in Czech: Praha, in German: Prag). I didn't know how to respond to that. I know about a legend about a lady called Libuše, who foresaw the future of Prague by saying: "I see a city whose glory will...
  4. Futurist

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies?

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies? After all, apart from Quebec and Louisiana, Europeans don't appear to have settled in large numbers in any of the French colonies in the Americas. In turn, this raises an interesting question--why exactly was this...
  5. Futurist

    Why was White settlement more successful in S Africa than it was elsewhere in Africa?

    Why was White settlement more successful in southern Africa than it was elsewhere in Africa? I mean, even right now, White people make up around 10% of South Africa's total population and between 4% and 7% of Namibia's total population. In contrast, the White percentage of the total population...
  6. Futurist

    Will overpopulation in Israel result in much greater settlement in the West Bank?

    Throughout its history, Israel has experienced a rapidly growing population (in part due to natural growth and in part due to immigration). However, over the last twenty years, Israel's total fertility rate has increased due to massively rising fertility among its Jewish population. In...
  7. F

    Peculiar patterns of european colonisation, conquest and settlement

    Here it is primarily that overseas and eastward over the Urals.One thing peculiar about it all is europeans seems to have often preferred the far - away parts of the planet for their neighborhood. New Zealand on the opposite (precisely:Spain) and also Australia. Then Southern Argentina, Chile...
  8. C

    Major Celtic Settlement Identified in Southern Poland

    NOWA CEREKWIA – A Major Celtic Settlement and Economic Complex in Southern Poland"
  9. Jcris26

    The REAL First Settlement in North America Debate

    So I am reading America's Assignment With Destiny and the author, Manley P. Hall, claims that Jamestown was the first permanent settlement in North America. I immediately knew that this was not true. I know the first settlement was La Isabella which is now Haiti but I was in question if this was...
  10. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Viking settlement discovered in Canada

    From the Daily Express Discovery of Viking settlement in Canada could REWRITE history of Europeans in America | Science | News | Daily Express
  11. Futurist

    The Post-World War II Peace Settlement if France Doesn't Fall and if Hitler is Kaput

    How exactly would the post-World War II peace settlement look if France doesn't fall in 1940 or afterwards and if Hitler and the Nazis will successfully get overthrown by the Schwarze Kapelle in 1941? To elaborate on this: Maurice Gamelin decides that sending the French strategic reserve to...
  12. G

    Status of outsider settlement in North East India

    Which are the states as of today in North East India that allow outsider settlement. Was there any place which had an article 370 like restriction as in Kashmir in the NE India that removed this. If yes how was it recieved by the people. Wanna how the settlement restrictions evolved over the...
  13. G

    Why did the Europeans not create a Jewish settlement in the New World

    Why did any one of the European colonial powers not create a Jewish only ghetto settlement in the New World. There was so much land why not give it to them. It would not have needed more than one small size state anywhere in N or S America. Europe was antisemtic during the colonial era and the...
  14. Futurist

    Pakistani settlement in Kashmir after 1947-1948--how large was it?

    I have previously read that India did not allow large-scale settlement in its part of Kashmir after 1947-1948 (such as by preventing non-Kashmiris from owning land in Kashmir, et cetera). However, I don't think that I have ever heard anyone say the same thing about Pakistan. Thus, I am asking...
  15. JapaneseSamurai

    When did European settlement become irreversible?

    In 1610 there were 350 European settlers in North America excluding Mexico, but by 1640 there were 26,000 of them and by 1660 there were 75,000. By 1690, there were 210,000. When do you think the European settlement of North America became irreversible? Note - I was looking at the...
  16. 1991sudarshan

    Book about Chinese Settlements in America

    How serious is this book? Is it worth reading ? Buy The Island of Seven Cities: Where the Chinese Settled When They Discovered America Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Island of Seven Cities: Where the Chinese Settled When They Discovered America Reviews & Ratings -...
  17. skapeti

    The Early Albanian Settlement of the Peloponnese, before 1453

    In 1453-1454 took place a revolt of thousands of Albanians against the Palaeologan overlords. We have any clue how and when those thousands Albanians went in Peloponnese? do they have permission by the Paleologans to settle there...
  18. F

    Was a Soviet/German peace settlement possible between post-Stalingrad and pre-Kursk?

    Was a Soviet/German peace settlement (or armistice) possible between post-Stalingrad and pre-Kursk (from February to June 1943)? Both before, during and after this period the Soviet Union sent out many peace feelers towards Germany (how serious these peace feelers were is largely unknown) and...
  19. G

    Why did Colonial powers not create a Jewish settlement colony

    Many colonised areas were used to send off criminals, convicts,discards, new religious movements etc. Most colonial nations had a huge history of anti semitism in them? Why did one or more of the colonial powers not decide to create an All Jewish settlement in one of their colonies to relocate...
  20. M

    Was there much spanish settlement in the Philippines?

    I know there was a significant amount of spanish settlement in their new world colonies, however was there ever much spanish migration to the phillipines. Or was it mostly administered by their various colonial representatives with very few spaniards actually coming to settle there?