1. Z

    Baji Rao I vs Nader Shah

    Who do you guys think was the better general? and who would have won they faced each other?
  2. Menshevik

    Should the U.S. have handed over the Shah?

    The way I understand it, Jimmy Carter refused demands by the Iranian Revolutionary government to extradite the Shah back to Iran for trial. This in turn led to the storming of the US embassy and just all around increasingly sour relations with the Iranians. But is there a argument to be made...
  3. Jake10

    Why did the Shah of Iran become so unpopular in his country?

    In a previous thread it was pointed out that while the Shah was in power, in Iran there was more freedom, women had more rights and technology was improving. Yet, people there clearly wanted him gone. What did he do wrong?
  4. JoanOfArc007

    The Last Mughal Emperor- Bahadur Shah Zafar

    Folks I would like to discuss the life and death of the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II. Any information on Bahadur Shah II would be appreciated. Bahadur Shah II worked for the British for most of his term as Mughal Emperor. Perhaps Bahadur Shah II is most remembered for his actions or...
  5. Azad67

    Do you think Sher Shah Suri would have conquered Deccan in one sweep?

    Sher Shah Suri, after Kalinjar in Bundelkhand, had plan of conquering Deccan and had ordered Shujaat Khan (governor of Malwa) to make preparations in advance for the invasion of Deccan. Abbas Khan Sarwani tells us that construction of road between Agra and Burhanpur had started (Khandesh was...
  6. Karl XII

    How would Nader Shah have fared against a european power like France or Austria?

    Nader Shah won several victories against the Afghans, Ottomans and Mughals . The last two were in decline however while the afghans were not even a major power and the Ottomans even defeated Nader at Samarra in 1732, his only battlefield defeat. Nader and his army were clearly very successful...
  7. ashfaqkinqz

    Shah Alam II

    Shah Alam II is notable Mughal Emperor after the decline of Mughal Empire. Can I know story behind his blindness .
  8. Azad67

    Sher Shah Suri's action against Balochs in Punjab

    In 1543-44 , Sher Shah ordered Haibat Khan to expel the Balochis from Multan, who were responsible for depopulating the Multan subah, they had plundered and devastated those parts after Mongol (Arghun) raids. Sher Shah ordered Haibat Khan to restore prosperity to the subah and re-populate...
  9. D

    Nader Shah's best campaign (poll)

    Which of Nader Shah's campaigns/battles/maneuvers you think was the most brilliant? Campaigns in pictures (not in chronological order) Herat Campaign (1729) Siege of Kandahar (1738) Battle of Damghan (1729) Battle of Murcha Khort (1729) Western Persian Campaign Battle of Malayer...
  10. Azad67

    Ancestral home of Sher Shah Suri (Dera Ismail Khan)

    Ancestral home of Sher Shah Suri (Dera Ismail Khan)
  11. Azad67

    Ujjaini Rajputs of Bhojpur, the allies of Sher Shah Suri

    There were tested 2,000 Ujjaini Rajputs led by Raja Gajpati of Bhojpur in the army of Sher Shah at the battle of Surajgarh in 1534 against the invading Bengal army led by Ibrahim Khan and Jalal Khan (Bihar through ages, p-479). Battle of Surajgarh was turning point in the career of Sher...
  12. P

    Do you know who Nader Shah is???

    I was wondering how well-known Nader Shah is in general? It seems to me that he is relatively an unknown when it comes to military history here in the west. Especially compared to other generals of the 18th century. I was so disheartened by his obscurity that I spent hundreds of hours creating...
  13. Azad67

    Civilian Maratha pilgrimage in Panipat. Were Marathas taking Abdali non-seriously?

    I have went through some Indian sources and according to it there were more than 3 lakh (300 thousands) pilgrims, mostly women , who accompanied Maratha army to the site of battle which was anticipated to be bloody. There are some points which does not make much sense and raises questions, 1-...
  14. DanielMisier

    How did Nadir Shah won the battle of Karnal?

    I just dont get it man, they had so many troops. I get it they suffered losses but why did everyone start to flee? Please explain in DETAIL.
  15. DanielMisier

    Was Shah Jahan a tolerant ruler?

    I hear historians often praising him as much as Akbar which I highly disagree with. But did he not remove the tolerance policy? A book I read on the Taj Mahal and Shah Jahan's life. Said that he orderd the demolition of new Hindu and Christian temples/churches.
  16. Karl XII

    Ghengis Khan, Tamerlane or Nader Shah

    Inspired by the Caeser, Alexander or Napoleon thread i decided these guys deserve some attention as well. As much as i enjoy talking about Caeser and Napoleon they certainly get done down to death. Which of these asian conquerors was the greatest? Personally i think Nader Shah is the best...
  17. Karl XII

    Ahmad Shah Durrani

    Opinions on him? Does anyone know a good place to find sources on him? Seeing as how he was afghani theres probably hardly anything in English out there about him.
  18. Futurist

    What if your opinion of Ahmad Shah Massoud?

    For reference: As for me, Very positive; after all, he fought both the Soviet Union and later than Taliban. Plus, unlike many other Afghan politicians, he supported democracy and human rights (including women's rights), which I consider to be a...
  19. G

    Is Ahmed Shah Massoud the greatest fighter against a religious extremist state

    The man fought from mere hills at a time when the whole nation was down to the Taliban. Not only did he fight despite knowing that his rump in Panjshir was the only thing resisting the theocracy but also that if he were caught he would be brutally executed. Many times his soldiers were in...
  20. Svancolera

    Why is Suleyman Shah's tomb so important for Turkey?

    The now ruined tomb of Suleyman Shah stands on a football pitch-sized spit of Turkish land inside Syria, but its historical and political significance belie this humble geography. Shah was a Turkic tribal leader who lived from about 1178 until 1236, when according to an epigraph in his...