1. K

    Templar vs Shaolin

    hEre is the senrio... A Templar Knight get very lost on the way to Palestine - very, very lost meets Shaolin Monk...then who survives... note the Shaolin Monstery has been around since 477 AD, their martial arts probably came a few decades later - say about 500 AD.
  2. ghostexorcist

    That Piece of Rare Magic Iron: The Literary and Religious Origins of the Monkey King

    "That Piece of Rare Magic Iron": The Literary and Religious Origins of the Monkey King's Staff (Last update: 9-10-16) By Jim R. McClanahan Click here to learn more about the historical, religious, and folklore influences on Journey to the West Sun Wukong (孙悟空), the Monkey King, is one of...
  3. Z

    Bodhisattva influence on Shaolin Kung Fu

    Shaolin Kung Fu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Can anyone tell me how much does Bodhisattva influence on Shaolin Kung Fu? I'm aware that in Chinese Buddhism, club are being replace by staff but what about the bare hand fighting styles? There are 72 Chinese martial arts, did the Chinese...
  4. ghostexorcist

    My Shaolin article - 10,000 views

    My blog article on the Tendon-Changing Classic (1624), the source of the Chinese legend that Bodhidharma taught martial arts to the monks of Shaolin, is only 6 views shy of reaching 10,000! It has taken a little over a year to reach this point. I would like to invite those who are interested in...
  5. WeisSaul

    Which Monk would win: Templar vs Shaolin

    Of the two well known warrior monks, who would win? Templar Knight or Shaolin Monk?
  6. ghostexorcist

    A Venerated Forgery: The Daoist Origins of Shaolin’s Famous Yijin Jing Manual

    A Venerated Forgery: The Daoist Origins of Shaolin’s Famous Yijin Jing Manual By Jim R. McClanahan The Buddhist monk Bodhidharma (菩提達摩, a.k.a. Damo, 達摩) is said to have come to China during the 6th century in order to spread his own form of meditation-based Mahayana Buddhism known as Chan (禪)...
  7. Nick

    Wu Tang Clan and Shaolin

    No, not the rappers. I'm talking about the traditional rivals of the Shaolin monks. In the movies the Wutang were depicted as selfish practitioners of magic abusing their talents for personal gain. Unlike the Shaolin they were ruthless and willing to take lives. Did such a group exist in ancient...
  8. Nick

    Shaolin kung fu master vs Stormtroopers

    The year is 1937. At the heght of the Sino-Japanese War a Nazi agent trained by the Red Skull himself arrives with his minions at a remote Buddhist temple high in the mountains. Their mission is to acquire the map to Shangri-La for Hitler, giving the Nazi leadership immortality The Nazis...