1. Redbad

    Canada just voted in favor of Sharia Law

    Canada?s M-103 debacle is a trial balloon for something much bigger | Furey | Co RdSihRRXJso 4hc8fCCRjkI
  2. unity

    Brunei to expand use of Sharia law

    Human Right's watch should mind its own business. Their country, their rules. Brunei to bring in tough new sharia law | World news | Brunei to bring in tough new sharia law Brunei's sultan widens usage of Sharia | News | DW.DE | 22.10.2013 Brunei's sultan widens usage of Sharia
  3. BenSt

    Halal or Hiram decision in Sharia

    Hello all, I'm not sure where to ask this, whether in religion or middle eastern forum, so do please forgive me if I posted incorrectly. This is something I have always been curious about and I thought I'd ask here to start a good discussion on it. Now, I know that generally speaking...
  4. Menshevik

    Are Democracy and Sharia compatible?

    *****This is a political science question. This is not a question about the pros and cons of Islam or any other religion. Please don't make it so.****** I would argue that they aren't. My reasoning is simple, one cannot serve two masters, so to speak. I'm not saying Muslims can't be...
  5. Krystian

    Sharia Councils in the UK

    I just read an article about muslim women in the UK being pressured by their local Sharia Councils (didn't even know these existed here) to stay in abusive marriages. It also said those women could only get divorce through these councils. I would like to ask two things. First of all, why is it...
  6. WeisSaul

    Sharia law and interest

    So Sharia law says that interest is a big no no. But what if interest on a loan is indexed to inflation? The real value of the debt being repaid is still the same even if the nominal value has changed.
  7. olly

    Sharia banking in the west

    Ok i know this is over 3 years old, i only started looking this stuff up as i had a letter from my bank offering the chance to have a sharia bank account... Worried that Britain is going bankrupt? Cheer up – we’re about to be bought up by the Islamic world. A report by International Financial...
  8. Son of Cathal

    Muslims want Sharia Law introduced in Australia

    Muslim group wants sharia law in Australia - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) I'm glad to see that McCelland is firmly standing his ground on this one.
  9. M

    Sharia Law?

    Some people are concerned at what would happen if Sharia Law was introduced in the West. But isn't Sharia Law, with a few minor differences, the same as the Old Testament Laws that most fundamentalist say we should follow anyway? What would be the positive and negative effects if Sharia Law was...