1. DanielMisier

    Anyone know where I can find Dara Shikoh's translation of the Upanishads?

    So far I have only been able to find bad sites.
  2. G

    Questions about Dara Shikoh

    Why did Dara not manage to defeat Aurangzeb despite having a large part of elite Mughal forces under Shah Jehan on his side. Were all the top generals with him? The provincial armies of the Mughals could not have been great especially those under Auragzeb considering Aurangzeb was banned from...
  3. G

    What if Dara Shikoh became the Mughal emperor instead of Aurangzeb

    What if Dara shikoh became the Mughal emperor instead of Aurangzeb? How differently would the fate have turned out to be?
  4. Underlankers

    AHC: Dara Shikoh, Mughal Emperor:

    Suppose that Aurangzeb and the other sons of Shah Jahan lose the War of Succession to Dara Shikoh. What does a Mughal Empire ruled by this particular descendant of the Timurid Dynasty turn into? Would he keep it as a powerful juggernaut or was someone like Shivaji the product of forces...