1. B

    Ship speed during Golden age of piracy 1700-1725

    Hello, I'm building a board game with a pirate theme. It's easy to find information about ships when it comes to cannons, length, masts and sails, men onboard, weight etc. But when it comes to speed I find nothing. The calculation for Hull-speed does not help me in this case (Hull Speed in Knots...
  2. R

    US 100,000 t displacement ships in 1936

    As part of the New Deakl to end depression, FDR persuades Congress to pass a bill for construction of 12 huge drydocks (6 in the Pacific, 2 in the Gulf and 4 in the east coast) and 24 huge, 100,000 t ships. 5 will be for bulk materials; grain, ores, coal, cement, etc, 5 will be tankers. 5 will...
  3. grey fox

    Did Confederate batteries on Lookout Mountain shoot Union ships on TN River?

    Yesterday I toured the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN for the first time since I was 11 years old over a quarter of a century ago. The National Park Service calls the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain "Point Park." At Point Park, there is a plaque that...
  4. Maoistic

    Why didn't pre-Edo Japanese ships land in Alaska or Canada?

    Debating about the causes of Western modernity and colonialism brought me to this question. Why didn't Japanese ships prior to the Edo period land in Alaska or Canada when they are very close to each other, closer even than Spain and the Caribbean where Columbus first landed? One can also ask...
  5. A

    Slavs,Germanic,Celts and other ships

    Sorry about bad english :D Im interested about these unknown ancient ships.Germanic(mean non Scandinavic German tribe),Slavs,Dacians,Huns and others.They are not specific sea nations but they must had a sea ships or river ships to trade and in some situations to fight.Have any info or pictures?
  6. P

    Transatlanitc cruises and ships in 1900s

    Hi! I am wondering if there were any transatlantic cruises from NY (or other US city) to Scotland around 1905-1910? I can't find any informations :/ I'm especially interested in particular ships and their timings. Kind regards!
  7. K

    White Ships sail along

    The White Ship disaster lead to the rise of the Plantagenet - what would happen if there was no disaster?
  8. Visigoth Panzer

    Post Roman Gaelic Ships

    After Rome withdrew from Britain, Gaels from Ireland began to raid it. What kind of ships did they use?
  9. E

    Greatest ships/ship classes throughout history

    After starting the "Greatest power throughout history" thread, I've decided to make a sequel," Greatest ships throughout history". Unlike with the most powerful empires, I haven't really seen a a thread similar to this one, maybe because it's a more complicated question? Separate lists for...
  10. notgivenaway

    why were medieval ships oar-based, and how did this change?

    I know Infante Henry of Portugal did a lot here, but then how did it change and what was the evolution of it? Were ships in the 11th/12th centuries (High medieval era) oar-based?
  11. B

    speed of sailing ships same until 19th century?

    I found an article that said that the average speed of Roman Ships in good sailing conditions was around 4 to 6 knots. 4 to 6 knots average speed for prevailing winds before the days of clippers seem typical for even 19th century sailing ships, which implies that ship speeds under good...
  12. W

    Unflagged ships during the 19th century?

    Does anyone know what the attitude of various nations during the 19th century was toward private vessels not sailing under colours (in other words not registered with any nation)? Sailing under a state's colours is supposed to give your vessel protection on the high seas and certain rights to...
  13. Haakbus

    Speeds of premodern sailing ships.

    I've been doing some research on the speeds of various premodern ships. I can't seem to find much data on the Age of Sail (which is what I was mostly trying to figure out), but I have found some interesting stuff on ancient Mediterranean ships...
  14. O

    Can anyone tell me in detail about battle ships of Ming and Japan?

    1.Did Ming navy use cannon in naval battles(during Imjin war)? If they used, did they use culverin(紅夷砲)? and how many did they use? 2. How exactly fast was Sekibune and Atakebune(in note)? I know they were faster than Panokseon.
  15. C

    Vasco Da Gama ships

    Good morning all. I am researching a novel (fiction), and am trying to find out the names of the 14 ships that formed Vasco da Gama's, especially those that sunk en route. Can anyone help me, I have failed to find any reference beyond the details of Da Gama's history! Many thanks. Colin.
  16. Ceasar

    Ships vs Coastal Forts

    I can't seem to find any online sources discussing ship on fort battles during the age of sail. I was reading about Ft. San Marcos on Wikipedia and just wondering to myself how different coastal forts would fare against a variety of ships from the humble sloop to a first rate ship of the line...
  17. W

    European ships in Japanese service

    Came across a fairly interesting story about a Finnish merchant vessel Tornator (ex-Norseman) and her voyage to Japan at the start of the Pacific war. It's quite a tale, with the Finnish crew having to work over the course of the war for Japan and the British Commonwealth. The story is...
  18. K

    Indigenous West African Ships

    So I asked a question about a week ago trying to put together a crew for an animation based on West Africa. Needless to say, nobody was interested unfortunately. However if you don't want to be part of the group, could you at least share anything that may be of benefit the animation? I've done...
  19. S

    use of Brest for German capital ships

    With Brest being within easy reach of British bombers, why didn't the Kriegsmarine move their ships (Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper) further south perhaps to Bordeaux?
  20. B

    How many US naval ships were involved in the Invasion of Lingayen Gulf

    How many warships were presented during the invasion?