1. M

    The shortest lasting empires in history.

    The 18 shortest lived empires I could find. It is interesting to compare their numbers on the list with the number of years they lasted: 18) King Stefan Uros IV Dushan of Serbia crowned himself Emperor of the Serbs and the Romans 16 April 1346 and died 20 December 1355. The Serbian empire...
  2. Y

    Shortest Place Names

    I know that this topic isn't historically significant in the slightest, but can we come up with really short place names that existed in history? I'll start with: E, in what is now Hu-pei (Hubei) Y, in France
  3. Cavanboy

    What battle had the Shortest life expectancy?

    I heard the life expectancy for a Russian soldier at Stalingrad was 1 day, is there any battles were the tempo was higher? (excluding ancient battles because most of them were 1 day events) The few that come to mind are borodino and Dien Bien Phu
  4. historyisfun!

    Who are the shortest rulers in history?

    Preferably little people, but short regular men and women will do, too.
  5. Shanks

    Which empire conquered the most territory in the shortest amount of time?

    Alltime? Rome? Nazi germany? France? Britian? Mongols? I have no idea. Who was it?
  6. Salah

    History's Shortest Reigns?

    Among all the kings and emperors in history, there are a number whose reigns lasted only days or weeks. How many can you think of?
  7. T

    the shortest war ever

    What was the shortest war ever? Have any of them last under a days time? I know battles can take less than a day to win, but what about a whole war?