1. JeanDukeofAlecon

    When do pauldrons first appear?

    Does anyone know when developed metal pauldrons, as opposed to gladiator armwear and lorica segmentata, first appear in the historical record? I'm just curious because they're everywhere in byzantine art. The earliest depiction I could find is in the 5th century Barberini ivory, but I doubt it's...
  2. T

    WWII British Shoulder Patch

    Hi there, I've received a couple shoulder patches my grandfather wore during his service for Britain in WWII, however am having troubles locating the unit that these patches belong to. I wonder if anyone is familiar, or knows a resource a can reference that may help? I looked up the 72nd...
  3. Druzhina

    Warriors with shoulder tufts

    Supposedly the only Byzantine illustration of shoulder tufts mentioned in Leo VI's Tactica is Digenis (Diogenes) Akritas fights the dragon, 12th century plate Other depictions of Diogenes Akritas: Digenis Akritas slays the dragon with five arrows and Digenis Akritas saves a princess abandoned...
  4. M

    Best Shoulder fired light Anti Tank Rocket Launcher

    Which is the best Light shoulder fired rocket launcher?
  5. M

    Best Heavy Shoulder launched Anti-Tank missile

    What is the best Heavy Shoulder launched AT missile. This is heavy ones so no RPG-7 or AT4s
  6. Qymaen

    IJA Given the Cold Shoulder?

    During the 1930's, and consequently the 1940's, was the Imperial Japanese Army left out on the sidelines in order for the Japanese Military to focus on the Imperial Japanese Navy? Now before you tell me, I know the Japanese invaded China, but I want to know whether the Japanese started to focus...
  7. fire_of_sekhmet

    Stone Age Twins Discovered Buried Under Mammoth's Shoulder B Researchers have unearthed the graves of three Stone Age infants that may ultimately bear on the question of whether humans interbred with Neandertals. The rare find, from a 27,000-year-old site...