1. X

    Sibling marriage in Southeast Asian cultures

    What was (and is) - from cultural, social and religious perspective - the attitude in Southeast Asia regarding sibling marriages? I noticed that many historical figures married a sister or a brother. Like the Thai king Rama V who married 5 of his (half)sisters; the burmese kings Razadarit...
  2. antocya

    Sibling marriage

    I was wondering about the effects of sibling marriage, such as in ancient Egypt among the pharaohs and if it caused genetic problems.
  3. Edratman

    Environment or Heredity? The Sibling Question.

    On my morning commute there was a real interesting report on NPR regarding the personality differences betwen siblings. Apparently this topic is now being studied and the results are surprising on one hand, and not surprising at all because of our experiences. That is the similarity in...