1. Kirialax

    Normans vs spiders - who would win?

    Spiders, obviously. Hence why it's not in speculative history. From Geoffrey Malaterra, The Deeds of Count Roger 2.36 (trans. Wolf, p. 114) "Setting out from there, in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 1064 with five hundred knights, the brothers crossed the sea at Faro and passed through...
  2. Polynikes

    Just how French were the Normans who conquered Italy and Sicily?

    I'm wondering as to how 'Viking' the Normans were ethnically and culturally. One book I read said that many of Roger's compatriots were actually speaking in Norse to one another, yet conversed in French with 'Gallic' Norman and French adventurers. So what percentage descended from the Vikings...
  3. SufiMystic

    European conquest of Sicily and al Andalus: an act of historical vandalism?

    In the 11th century, the advanced and enlightened Muslim societies of Sicily and al Andalus were conquered by barbarous and uncivilized barbarians from the north: the Normans and Castile. Córdoba was famous as a centre of learning and education. Al Hakam II had a large library. Knowledge in the...
  4. M

    Sodom & Gomorrah in Sicily

    The Bible writes about Sodom & Gomorrah being destroyed by a Volcano, it also describes Mount Sinai or Horeb as a Volcano, The only problem, they are no active volcanoes in Canaan or Arabia , why would it vividly detail a Volcano where there isn't one. In the general Mediterranean area , they...
  5. Polynikes

    Army of the Kingdom of Sicily?

    How were they viewed by Medieval counterparts? How varied were they in appearance and unit variety? What were some of their most famous wars/engagements? And what are some good sources on the army in particular?
  6. Polynikes

    What are some good books on Medieval Military history in Southern Italy and Sicily?

    I'm looking for stuff from 1200-1585 preferably, what are some good books on Knights during this period?
  7. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Roman identity in the emirates of Crete and Sicily?

    Roman identity among educated Greek speakers was heavily shaken in the 13th century when the foundations of Roman identity, the Roman polity and new Rome itself, were shattered. Since the decline of Roman authority had such a drastic effect on Roman identity in the 13th century, I was wondering...
  8. Polynikes

    Northern Italian and Milanese knights fighting for Kingdom of Sicily?

    Hi, from what I've been reading recently, during the reign of Frederick II many Milanese nobles were given titles and lands in Sicily, why exactly were so many feudal lords brought to Sicily and what was their motivation for coming? If anyone could provide any good books or articles related to...
  9. Polynikes

    Good books on Medieval Warfare in Southern Italy and Sicily?

    Obviously I'd be referring to anything related to the Norman conquest, and the respective Kingdoms of Sicily and Naples thereafter. I recently learned about this by Paul Brown, and it had piqued my interest:
  10. SSDD

    Could Axis forces have protected Sicily in 1943?

    Like fighting a long battle that Japanese fought wben US attacked Japanese held islands?
  11. Banastre

    Idrizi's " Book of Roger "

    I found this "'In 1139 King Roger (de Hauteville, Robert de Guiscard's younger brother) of Sciliy comissioned Abdullah al Idrizi to create the " Book of Roger ' which contains 70 maps of the regions of the world combined with descriptions of the rest of the whole known world and it was the...
  12. Polynikes

    How heavily did the Phoenicians and Carthaginians impact the genetics of Sicily?

    Particularly in the West of the Island, how much of a genetic influence did they have on the population? Would it be at all accurate to call Western Sicilians the descendants of those groups? And if so, at what point did that self identification become non-existent?
  13. Druzhina

    The Salerno Ivories, 12th century

    Ivory Alter Panels, 12th century, Museo Diocesano, Salerno, Sicily, Italy Sleeping Guards at the tomb, on Ivory Alter Panels, 12th century, Museo Diocesano, Salerno, Italy . Sicilian Greek Infantryman (Griffon) in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on an Ivory Alter Panel...
  14. W

    Sicily, Italy after World War II

    First and foremost -- I'm not really a student in need of help but a writer. I felt like this was the best place to post this because in a way, I'm a student trying to learn about Italy post-ww2. So, basically, I'm writing a story that takes place in Sicily, Italy after World War II and I have...
  15. EmperorTigerstar

    The Vandals in Sicily

    One of the many disputes/differences in maps of post-Roman Europe is that of Sicily in the 400s - 500s. Sometimes it is shown as fully under Vandal control. Sometimes it is shown under full Ostrogothic control. Other times it's a half-half partition and other times it shows the Vandals holding...
  16. M

    Jewish inscriptions in Italy / Sicily during Roman Empire period

    Hello folks ; Is there anyone on this discussion forum who has a pretty deep interest in Jewish history in Europe and / or who has done pretty significant research of Jewish Diaspora during the age of the Roman Empire era ? I am wishing for some information on Jewish inscriptions ( or writings...
  17. Polynikes

    Islam in Sicily?

    I'm very new to medieval history, so please excuse me but I have a few questions. 1. When do we start to see large swaths of the Sicilian population convert to Islam? Was this forced conversion, or did later populations adopt it? 2. Did Arabic have a foothold in Sicily? Obviously some words...
  18. EmperorTigerstar

    Normans in Italy

    So, I've noticed occasionally on maps and in books that there was a portion of Italy, (Naples/Southern Italy and Sicily) under control of the Normans. Obviously if they're Normans, they have origins in Danish vikings. But did the Normans in Normandy and the ones in southern Italy have any...
  19. Druzhina

    Exultet Roll from Fondi, Campania, Kingdom of Sicily, 1136AD

    Images from the Kingdom of Sicily in an Exultet Roll from Fondi, Campania, Italy, 1136AD with larger images of Pharoah's army drowning in the crossing of the Red Sea and the Crucifixion of Jesus; and notes by David Nicolle. MIRROR SITE Exultet Roll from Fondi, Campania, Italy, 1136AD Pharoah's...
  20. C

    To what extent was the fate of the Second Punic War determined in Spain and Sicily?

    Edratman brought this idea to my mind by saying that it was ingenious for the Scipios to focus on Spain even when Italy was in dire need of assistance, which implies the importance of securing Iberia. Judging solely from the Italian theater, it seems that Hannibal lost a war in which he won the...