1. C

    Have they found the remains of the fortification from the siege of Alesia?

    Have Archaeologists found or attempted to find the remnants of the fortifications built by the Romans around Alesia during the siege in 52 BC ? If so can someone give me the links and the photographs showing this, or maybe a documentary? Even if the fortified walls surrounding Alesia were built...
  2. Incendio

    The siege of Port Arthur (1904-1905) infantry tactics?

    The siege of Port Arthur was the longest and most violent land battle of the Russo-Japanese War. Being Port Arthur one of the most strongly fortified positions in the world by the time of Russo-Japanese war and even Russia improved the fortifications and what is more, considering the weapons...
  3. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The "powerful firearm" used by Sanada Nobushige in AD 1615 Siege of Osaka

    This was the special matchlock used by Sanada Nobushige (真田信繁) in the AD 1615 Summer Siege of Osaka. In Japanese, it was known as "馬上宿許筒". It took less time in reloading and had much faster firing rate than ordinary matchlocks...
  4. T

    Bulgars in the Second Arab siege of Constantinople

    I was wondering about their involvement because it seems they are often neglected in many accounts of the siege. How big was their impact and why did Khan Tervel help in the first place? Did the Byzantines reward them for their help? I am particularly interested in how the Arabs thought of them...
  5. RidiculousName

    Why Don't we Siege Cities?

    In modern warfare it always seems like cities reduce the benefit of having better war technology than your enemy. However, I keep hearing about city "sieges" from WW2 onwards that involved less surrounding and waiting and more throwing troops into the meat-grinder. Why do this? If you have a...
  6. Haakbus

    Was the Siege of Haengju pointless?

    An article translated from a Chinese site on the Great Ming Military blog ( about the Battle of Pyokchegwan says that the Battle of Haengju was "largely pointless". It seems to me that at the very least it would...
  7. Old Reb

    The siege of Constantinople 1453

    Being a Roman and Byzantine history buff I've always wanted to read a good work about the subject. Today I got lucky - found a copy of "1453" by Roger Crowley (2005) at a thrift store here in Austin. Can hardly wait to get into it. Most fascinating to me is the giant cannon the Turks used to...
  8. BlackViper

    Vauban's Opinion about the Siege Strategy of Turin

    In 1706, Marshal Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban, a master of siege techniques, volunteered his services for the French siege of Turin. He was turned down due to his age, but he still gave his sagely advice which the commander of the operation, Louis de la Feuillade decided to ignore. Vauban...
  9. T

    At the siege of Constantinople, why didn't the Ottomans simply saw through the chain?

    Hello, I've just got a quick question. During the siege of Constantinople 1453, the defenders strung a chain across the Golden Horn, to prevent access to the horn by Turkish ships. My question is, why didn't the Ottomans simply saw through, or otherwise destroy, the chain?
  10. Flavius Aetius

    Scythian Horse Archers in the Siege of Athens

    I was once, a long time ago before I knew the history channel was bullshit, watching a program about the Peloponnesian war where they claimed that the Athenians employed Scythian horse archers as a rapid reaction force on the city walls. Is this just BS or is that actually grounded in primary...
  11. S

    Royal garrisons artillery 81st 160th( 123rd siege battery) i need help on

    Hi found my grandad after 82 years i see he did 24 years service. Started 1907 1911 he went to india 81st siege battery then france march then changed to 160th siege battery 16 to 17 then continued till 1919 . I found yesturday he joined 123rd siege battery 19 han 1919 says he was a bomber? What...
  12. Hanslune

    Book recommendation for Siege of Antwerp (1832)

    Can anyone recommend a book or pdf that covers this action in detail? Thanks
  13. M

    The first attempt by the Turks to take Istanbul : the Avar siege

    * After the Huns, the second Turk tribe, which devastated Europe was the Avars. Although the origin of Avars had been long debated, their Turkic origin is widely accepted by the world of academia today as a result of archeologic excavations and various researches. In 626, Avars made an agreement...
  14. grey fox

    Civilian children in Vicksburg during the Siege of Vicksburg [Viperlord]

    I know that thousands of civilians were inside Vicksburg during the Siege of Vicksburg. The civilians in Vicksburg starved just as the Confederate army defending Vicksburg starved. There had to have been children starving in Vicksburg due to the Siege of Vicksburg. Would the Union Army of the...
  15. KaijuCommanderOO7

    Mongol Siege I'm Trying To Identify

    kMRX1aNkVow This video (part of the documentary Secrets of The Great Wall) speaks of a siege where the Mongols under good 'ol Genghis (or Chinggis, if you prefer) stopped before a crucial fort north of the capital. Unfortunately, the Chinese (they never really say which dynasty) laid it with...
  16. Macconermaoile

    The Siege of Jadotville

    This day 55 years ago, began the Siege of Jadotville. Now a movie based on the event.
  17. S

    On this day July 14: Final siege of Jerusalem commences:

    From July 13-15 the northern French contingent launch their final assault, breaking into the city in the direction of the Temple Mount. A Second assault by Provencal troops comes from the other side of the city led by Count Raymond of Toulouse. While the northern assault had the advantage of...
  18. UzKhan

    The Siege of Kut - April 29, 1916

    British forces surrender at Kut, Mesopotamia In the single largest surrender of troops in British history to that time, some 13,000 soldiers under the command of Sir Charles Townshend give in on April 29, 1916, after withstanding nearly five months under siege by Turkish and German forces at...
  19. Publius

    Ronan Siege Ramps

    Accidental post. Sorry!
  20. A

    At least 27 dead in Islamist siege Raddison hotel in Bamako,Mali.

    At least 27 dead after Islamists seize luxury hotel in Mali's capital Even thought this attack is on Mali, it is indirectly on France too, as it is mocking and baiting France which has stationed more than 3500 troops in Mali.