1. Futuristic

    Why did Pakistan expel Sikhs (and not only hindus) in 1947?

    There was enormous violence and tensions between muslim and hindu communities in the British Raj months ahead of the independence (1947), hundreds of thousands died, tens of millions moved their residence, but what I find incredibly enlightning is that not only hindus had to leave West and East...
  2. Azad67

    Sikhs and cow-slaughter

    One of the most prominent aspect of Sikh rule on Punjab and narrow strip of Frontier , was their ban on cow-slaughter and their extreme actions against Musalman who ate beef, even though they don't worship cows on the paper (they have been suspected to be a sect of Hinduism because of that). In...
  3. G

    Did Jat kingdoms ever fight Sikhs directly

    They both lived side by side of each other and were powerful kingdoms after the decline of the Mughals. Did they ever have any major skirmish with each other. If yes who won and if no who would have in a possible scenario? Did they ever have any alliance or interaction at any point of time...
  4. Azad67

    Did Sikhs conquer Afghanistan?

    My analysis and answer to the frequently asked question History of Pashtuns : Did Sikhs conquer Afghanistan?
  5. G

    Did the Hindu Jats and Sikhs ever interact during Mughal rule

    Both these groups were present in each others vicinity. Both were in an area ruffled with continuous attacks and invasions. Sikhs and Jats both did not start as warrior groups but ended up doing so to counter some historical situations. I am surprised that these two groups never actually allied...
  6. G

    What if the Sikhs under Ranjit Singh fought the Marathas

    Who do you think would have won the battle
  7. G

    Would any of these alliances have helped the Marathas at the 3rd battle of Panipat

    Rajputs, Sikhs, Jats, Gurkhas, Ahoms, Mysore and the Brits-French? For the Jats they would have had to put Suraj Mal's dummy in Delhi(atleast till the end of the war) as a puppet ruler. I think this was the easiest demand to meet. Rajputs they just needed to suspend the heavy taxation of...
  8. Kevinmeath

    Sikhs at War

    Found these interesting;- Sikh Units of the British Indian Army - YouTube Indians In The Trenches: On The Western Front - YouTube "Sikhs At War" First World War: Exhibition marks contribution of Sikhs during the Great War - Features - Newham Recorder
  9. Salah

    Why were the Sikhs loyal in the 1857 Mutiny?

    The East India Company's twin wars of conquest against the Sikhs were still raw memories when the Bengal sepoy mutiny of 1857 broke out. Many regiments of Sikhs, both infantry and cavalry, regulars and irregulars, were serving in the British forces on the sub-continent. Not only did all of...
  10. NewModelSoldier

    Gurkhas vs. Sikhs

    19th century Gurkhas vs. 19th century Sikh regiment. Simple enough. Gurkhas Fearsome reputation as excellent melee fighters and generally all around tough-as-nails fighters, and of course for their kukris, which the gentleman above is wielding, many enemies fleeing at the mere mention that...