1. R

    Situation of the Byzantine military in 1281

    How was the military situation of the Byzantine empire in 1281? At the point the Byzantines still has control of northwest Anatolia, and still had an effective army and navy, although it was very expensive. Did Andronicus Paleologus make the right call in disbanding the navy and disbanding the...
  2. A

    Vietnam War - Which current situation is it most similar to or relates to?

    Do you think there are any situations in the world today which the Vietnam War is either in some way similar to or the lessons of the war relate to in any way?
  3. NordicDemosthenes

    Situation of White South African farmers

    This might just ignite a flame war, but hey, why not. What does the members of historum think about the currently very insecure situation for white South African farmers, and statements by the South African government to take their land without compensation? Debate :cool:
  4. P

    Situation on Rappahannock river after Gettysburg

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can expand on this section of the quote further down? Were the two armies encamped right up to each bank of the river or was there a kind of no mans land between each army and each bank? If so, how wide was it? Did either side patrol the other side of the river? Is...
  5. grey fox

    What was the situation in England before the Normans introduced feudalism to England?

    I created this thread because of a digression I made in the thread "How did the Normans introduce feudalism into England"? I feel that the topic of the situation in England before 1066 deserves a thread of its own rather than hijack the "How did the Normans introduce feudalism into England?"...
  6. notgivenaway

    Is history for you a continuum or is every situation unique?

    I think many people see human affairs as a continuum. Even now, in making public decisions, people often say or see how people from eras long ago did things. I'm a big fan of the Romans, but for me different eras have different contexts. What worked for the Romans worked for them, and won't...
  7. El Cid

    Did Napoleon worsen his own situation by waiting for more than a month?

    Anyone here who are deep into military history? – it is just that I have speculated for one thing in some time, so perhaps someone with relevant knowledge could shed some light on it: Napoleon wanted to force Russia into a blockade-alliance in order to halt England’s naval superiority. He...
  8. VHS

    The developed world dilemma?

    With my new title and this trend: Why is it that so many young people in America don't want to live any more? (English may not be my native language, but I would still like to edit the title: Why so many young people in America don't want to live anymore?)...
  9. WhatAnArtist

    The most impossible situation that a general succeeded in?

    While you could bring up a whole campaign (of which Alexander's in Persia would probably be a top pick), I was more referring to a singular battle or siege or ambush, etc. For me it comes down to either Caesar's brilliant victory at Alesia or Hannibal's magnificent annihilation of the Romans at...
  10. L

    How did racism affect different aspects of the American Civil War

    I chose to write an essay on how race played a factor in the American Civil War. I was thinking of writing about how it affected the pow situation in which the south stopped exchanging prisoners which lead to situations like what they had with Andersonville. Alternatively I'm also considering...
  11. M

    <Discussion>Ideal world situation will be like in the future?

    Let's talk about the ideal world situation will be like in the future,:)
  12. robto

    Domestic Terrorism in US: its history and its present situation

    Giving the recent shooting on an historic Charleston Black Church, another case of domestic terrorism has unveiled. How dangerous is domestic terrorism in US, when compared to imported Jihadist danger? What you guys think? How can this attack be contextualized or integrated on a larger history...
  13. Futurist

    Is the Current Situation in the Mideast Similar to That in Europe in Early 1914?

    As in, shortly before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the outbreak of World War I? I recently saw an article which made such a caset: The Middle East Today Looks Like Europe Right Before World War I Frankly, I was wondering what exactly everyone here thinks of this argument. Thoughts...
  14. Futurist

    Post-WWI European Situation and Alliance Systems Without a Bolshevik Russia?

    If the Bolshevik Revolution would have never (successfully) occurred in Russia (due to both Lenin and Trotsky never being able to get to Russia in time) and the Russian Provisional Government (barely) survived until the end of World War I, then how exactly would the post-WWI European situation...
  15. Y

    Ukraine situation, future development

    On a forum with many historians, that sounds like a nice place to discuss: What is the future development of the Ukraine situation?
  16. GiLGaMeS

    Historical reasons for the current Middle Eastern situation.

    I've been searching to know if there is historical reasons for the islamic religious extremism and fanaticism.From what I have read , there was large religious tolerance in muslim controled land in middle ages.Non muslims had to pay religious tax to live peacefully in muslim state.Now it's much...
  17. Futurist

    Is the current situation in Ukraine actually beneficial to pro-Western Ukrainians?

    Some of my thoughts on the current situation in Ukraine: Frankly, I wonder if Putin's moves in Ukraine might ironically be beneficial to pro-Western Ukrainians. To elaborate on this, as long as Russia continues to control Crimea and Russian-backed rebels continue to control the Donbas(s), all...
  18. C

    The Vietnam War/Fall of Saigon --the post 1975 situation

    Fall of Saigon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A thread that takes into account the fall of Saigon in April 1975... but is probably more interested in what happened to Vietnam in the 5 years or so after that fall. Please discuss.
  19. rvsakhadeo

    Serious warlike situation on Indo-Pak border

    For the last week or so, heavy fire is being exchanged across the line of control and the international border between Pakistan Rangers and Indian Border Security Force. A number of innocent civilians on both sides have died / been injured as a result. So far only light mortars and heavy machine...