1. Maryannu

    Race and skin color in India

    What is the root of South Asian obsession with phenotypical differences amongst themselves? I am currently living in an area of US with lots of Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Iranians etc. To an outsider, 99% of all these populations including the pale ones would not be mistaken for anything...
  2. O

    Something to explain about why Chinese people prefer white skin

    In deed, what Chinese people like is not just simply white skin, it is a whole package, like what is described in countless literary works as the prerequites of being an absolute beauty, having a skin that resembles jade or pearl, that is, very brilliant visually, clearly off any defects...
  3. M

    Black skin consumes more energy, light skin evolved to save energy for other organs?

    An interesting new theory: Paper challenges current hypotheses for the gain and loss of heavy pigmentation in humans over evolutionary time Black skin provides better protection against things such as microbes, sun, or water loss, but it consumes more energy - energy that could otherwise be...
  4. J

    Is the east asian preference for white skin due to racism?

    I was wondering, is their preference for pure white skin as jade due to racism or something else?
  5. J

    Ancient Eastern Asia and white skin?

    Why was white skin so desired by eastern asians back then?
  6. Marcellus

    Numidia royalty color skin

    Is there any source to comment on the skin color of Jugurtha and his relatives? The Romans do not seem to have paid attention, giving the impression that Jugurtha was white, but it seems impossible to me. (Sorry for any grammar error)
  7. Damavand

    Division Based on Skin Colour

    I have noticed that in spite of the decline of racism in Western societies (or its retreat into the closet), people still divide each other based on skin colour, using labels such as "white" and "black". This mode of identification extends beyond the borders of society, involving peoples from...
  8. B

    Skin color and race in paintings of ancient civilisations..

    Why do nearly all ancient civilisations with wall paintings come in soo many different skin colors? A little strange because you cannot tell who was the original clearly from the paintings, Egypt for example has paintings where people look white, yellow, brown, purple, red, and black. Similarly...