1. S

    Savannah gray (garden) brick

    I would like to know any information that can be given about these bricks and this one in particular because of its design. I was given this by a relative. They owned a condo in Savannah GA and was watching a renovation happen at a home on Howard St. This brick was found there under the dirt. I...
  2. Naima

    Responsibility for Slave trade is African?

    The whole world is always blaming the west for the slave trade by major european powers like England , holland, France , Spain and Portugal, for creeating the slave trade. But nothing is told of the responsibility of the very same Africans and the role that they had in the slave trade Slave...
  3. C

    Punisment for slave rape

    Of course, in practice if not law, masters could rape their own slaves with impunity. Or let other men do it. But what happened when the master did object? Englishmen, including in Americas, did like common law and recourse to courts and lawsuits. If a free white man was sued by a master of a...
  4. Millennium

    Kidnapping free people of color into slavery across the Americas?

    *Warning long post ahead, be prepared... Have you read and seen ‘Twelve Years a Slave’? Quite a tale, isn’t it? I do have some doubts, however, about the accuracy of his story, as with slave narratives in general, but I suppose that topic is too broad to be discussed here...
  5. S

    4000 years a slave - Pakistan?

    Since fall of Indus Valley civilization in 1900 BC, Pakistan has been overrun by foreigners starting with Aryans, followed by a host of other invaders. It seems that Northern India was only peripherally affected by invasions from Kushans, Greeks, Turks, Arabs etc while Southern India was...
  6. H

    are India really Conquered and Become Slave for 1.200 years ++ by muslim and british

    Chaining 1,200 Years Our PM’s recalculation of how long Indians have been ‘slaves’ Good lawyers and good historians have one thing in common: both are quick to spot the crucial small print that ordinary folk miss the significance of. So, as politicians and the media were concentrating on the...
  7. M

    What was so special about Africa that many people was affected by slave trade?

    As from past we know that from 16th to 19th century african people mostly affected from slave trade . People from africa was traded on mass scale WHY AFRICA ? How this all started in Africa ? What is the situation now ?
  8. B

    Good books on arab slave trade?

    What are some good books on arab slave trade?
  9. B

    How much were fears of slave insurrection and black equality causes of seccessoni

    I know this is a sensitive subject, but I want to approach it from a different angle. Slavery was the main issue discussed. IMO, it was the main cause, but there were related economic issues, which IMO played some role. My question is whether it was entirely an issue of the property of slave...
  10. JoanOfArc007

    Yarrow Mamout, the slave who became a Georgetown financier

    There were what some may call "rare" cases of former African American slaves going on to become prominent members of American such case was that of Yarrow Mamout.... Mamout’s story, if not his property, is worth preserving. His likeness already is. His portrait, rendered by James...
  11. notgivenaway

    Slave trading continued, but with a catch...

    What if the British continued slave-trading, but with a catch. Slaves were to be akin to indentured labourers, and not to be mistreated or brutalised whilst in the Middle Passage or on Caribbean plantations? After they served a term of 10 years, they were deemed free, and could work as they...
  12. holoow

    Slave mentality

    What is your opinion? Slave Mentality
  13. L

    Jamaican Maroons: were they tricked into becoming defacto slave catchers?

    When studying thier history of fleeing runaways who set up their own free communities in the hills with the indigenous Taino people before they died out. As part of their treaty with the British, they would be free and independent and dont have to pay taxes to the government. However they had to...
  14. 1stvermont

    Life as a Southern Slave

    Slavery in the South how prevalent was slavery? Investment in a slave was expensive. According to the federal census there were only 385,000 slave owners in the entire south (thousands of blacks included). Even if all slaveholders had been white, that would amount to only 1.4 percent of...
  15. songtsen

    The slave owning founding fathers of America.

    I used to admire and even worship the founding fathers of America. George Washington and Jefferson were my favorite. It was only with the advent of internet that I came to know that the founding fathers of America believed in racial supremacy and genocide. Washington, Jefferson and ironically...
  16. L

    history of Free Blacks in non slave states and canada

    Has there been much written on this? Any recommendations? Or best use for an essay or short article would be 12 years a slave? Or Frederick Douglass? I do recall Abraham Lincoln telling a group of free blacks, their best option would be to return to Africa because they would not be respected or...
  17. holoow

    Interesting comparsion between Transatlantic and Muslim slave trade

    Welcome to African Echo - The voice of africa
  18. RomanEmperor

    What was the best place to be a slave in the ancient world?

    Obviously no one wants to be a slave necessarily, but if you had to pick a civilization and era up until the fall of the Western Roman Empire.... where do you think you'd have it the best?
  19. P

    Hemmings, a slave in a free country

    Any ideas or information about how Sally Hemmings stay in Paris might have changed her self perception as a slave. I think she stayed there with Jefferson for 2.5 years with her son.
  20. notgivenaway

    No transatlantic slave trade...

    Once Henry the Navigator sent his ships out past Cape Boujador, were colonialism, European geo-political dominance and transatlantic slavery inevitable? Could there have been factors leading to no slave trade?