1. N

    Pre-industrial societies without slavery

    Sadly slavery has been the norm for musch of human history. I belive many hunter-gatherer and nomad societies didn't have slaves, possibly because having slaves was impreactical in a small society where personal initiative was key. But in what pre-industrial societies was slavery forbidden or...
  2. RidiculousName

    Neolithic slavery

    My history professor thinks that slavery in the neolithic period was much less harsh than slavery in the 1700-1800s Americas. I am doubtful because I suspect not much written record exists of neolithic slavery. What do you think?
  3. Y

    STOP saying the bible promotes slavery!!

    Church teaching does not practice or promote slavery, it liberates slavery by teaching a slave is no less of a person and no less value than a slave master, this was never heard of before christianity. Our Lord Jesus took on the form of a slave through poverty...
  4. artistauthor

    "Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans"

    "Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans" When I was younger I used to love watching a TV drama series entitled "Marcus Welby: MD" which featured an American doctor,played by the later Robert Young that if not exactly saintly, at least personified the...
  5. JoanOfArc007

    Italy and the Abolishment of slavery in Ethiopia

    Italy invaded Ethiopia in October 1935 and issued two laws in October 1935 and in April 1936 emancipating slaves in the country (Encyclopaedia Aethiopica, p. 681). According to Italy’s accounts, during its brief occupation of Ethiopia, it freed 420,000 slaves. After Italy’s defeat in...
  6. Artoriarius

    Roman slavery

    What exactly did slavery from Roman times look like? My general impression is that it was much like American slavery pre-Civil War, but without any emphasis on race and that slaves were utilised in a larger variety of positions - e.g., there were laws passed in America to prevent slaves from...
  7. Quill And Ink History

    Recommended Scholars and litterature on medieval slavery in Europe.

    Hi! I'm running a youtube history channel I'm planning to do a video on slavery in Europe during the middle ages(CA 476 - 1453) and I wonder if any of you guys have some literature on the subject that you would recommend.
  8. Millennium

    Why did it take over a decade for Solomon Northup to escape slavery?

    Twelve Years a Slave, Chapter 7: “On our passage I was constantly reflecting on my situation, and consulting with myself on the best course to pursue in order to effect my ultimate escape. Sometimes, not only then, but afterwards, I was almost on the point of disclosing fully to Ford the...
  9. E

    Slavery - 18th century Britain - need of sources

    Hello everyone. I am a new person on this forum. I am a screenwriter from Russia. Currently started developing a screenplay for a feature film with the story happening in Western Africa and Britain in 1770 (+/-). I have several questions which I have not yet found answers to, so maybe someone...
  10. M

    Need help formulating a history thesis about slavery before 1865

    hello I have a major problem in finding a good theis that are argumentative and descriptive enough about slavery. tex which questions can I ask about slavery that are specific but broad enough to write an 4-5 essay on. i was thinking to try and do something about the family structures in slave...
  11. K

    Hereditary and personal slavery

    In a thread about the American Civil War, the following claim was posted: Now, this was being used in the sense of an analogy; and I didn't want to derail the discussion by digging into it, but does anyone know if the above is true? It seems to me that the institution of slavery has taken...
  12. Millennium

    Kidnapping free people of color into slavery across the Americas?

    *Warning long post ahead, be prepared... Have you read and seen ‘Twelve Years a Slave’? Quite a tale, isn’t it? I do have some doubts, however, about the accuracy of his story, as with slave narratives in general, but I suppose that topic is too broad to be discussed here...
  13. Maki

    Slavery in medieval Serbia, Bosnia and Dubrovnik

    So, I have recently started looking into this subject. Slavery existed in both medieval Serbia and Bosnia, there are references to slaves in the Dušan's code, where it is stated the slaves of the nobility were their eternal heritage, and that only a member of the noble family can free a family...
  14. F

    Slavery and the populations of Europe

    I just wonder if some historians has done any studies in thís msubject. Slavery and slave trade was once widespread, and I would guess it has made large changes in the "composition" of european populations, and movements of slaves for sale in foreign areaseven more so than many more known...
  15. Lawnmowerman

    Did the abolishment of slavery lead to the Industrial Revolution?

    Why did the industrial revolution occur in the UK but not in Ancient Rome or other Empires. I recently heard one theory for this which I found quite interesting. For the Industrial revolution to occur we needed, natural resources, a large market for products and an extensive trade network...
  16. M

    Why slavery issue led into Civil War in US ?

    In 19th Century was slavery still important economically or culturally enough to retain in US South while every other western power other than Spain banned it ? Didn't defenders of slavery look upon the World and realise that slave labour or owning or domestic slave trade was diminishing if not...
  17. T

    Byzantine Slavery

    It occurred to me that while slavery in the Roman Empire is quite a discussed topic, slavery in the Byzantine Empire is not really well known. What were the sources of most of the slaves and do we know of the percentage they made up of the Empire. How was the treatment (easier or harsher than...
  18. Man of Sin

    Questions of sexual slavery in Rome

    I have a couple questions regarding the subject: 1) I know that free-women having sex with a male slave was looked down upon because the Roman viewed that being penetrated by someone of lower status was shameful. Was this just taboo or was it illegal as well? 2) Some time in Rome it was...
  19. mansamusa

    Did Slavery ever end in the US

    The United Staes today has the world's largest jailed population. Obviously, the majorityof them are Black. This jailed population is also used as free slave labor, which probly makes the US the country with the largest slave population in the modern world. Although the popular press talks about...
  20. Naima

    Slavery in China

    So I thought that Slavery didn't exhist in China, at least in the way it did in Roman Empire or other countries, but then I read that It was abolished only in 1910 ... so who were those slaves ?