1. temet nosce

    Question on 'History of Slavs'!

    Hi! This is my first time posting on Historum so sorry if I get this wrong. I was wondering if universities/colleges around the world actually offer history courses on Slavic history. I've heard of departments focused on Slavic Languages but never the history itself. I would be very grateful...
  2. lukaszrzepinski

    What happened to Slavs in Greece?

    According to Byzantyne chronicles Greece was flooded by thousands of Slavs pilaging, murdering and finally settling down up to Peloponesus while local Greeks were hiding in mountains. What happened to them?
  3. Maki

    Alexander the Great and his perception among Slavs

    So, we all know the controversy about Alexander the Great that is going on between Greece and FYROM. And while that is an interesting and a controversial subject, I won't be talking about it here. Instead I am going to talk about Alexander and the perception of Alexander among other Slavs and...
  4. A

    Slavs,Germanic,Celts and other ships

    Sorry about bad english :D Im interested about these unknown ancient ships.Germanic(mean non Scandinavic German tribe),Slavs,Dacians,Huns and others.They are not specific sea nations but they must had a sea ships or river ships to trade and in some situations to fight.Have any info or pictures?
  5. lukaszrzepinski

    Why Slavs had enormous expansion success?

    Why the tribe with no special warfare skills or cultural advantages made such enormous success, seized half of Europe and created the biggest IE language group?
  6. Uskok

    How much did Native Populations influence South Slavs?

    Greetings everyone, As a history fan, and a Croatian, I'm naturally drawn to the history and origins of my people. Generally we're simply seen as remnants of the Slavic migrations of the Dark Ages, but I have some questions to prod, and possibly some stereotypes to break. How Slavic are South...
  7. Draki

    What are all of the reasons Germanic nations looked down on the Slavs?

    Very straight forward question. Some things are obvious, but there must be some more obscure reasons for this. Any ideas?
  8. Ruleoflaw

    Wich is the origin of the racism against slavs in western europe?

    The latin word for slave is "servus" but in all great western european languages the term that indicates slavery is connected with the word the that indicates slavs (slave,esclave,esclavo,schiavo,sklave) or at least so it seems... During the course of the history Germans appear to despice them...
  9. K

    What if Slavs had never migrated to the Balkans?

    How would it of looked today?
  10. G

    Did Slavs fight barbarian tribes post Rome, Anglo Saxons and Nordics

    What was the outcome of these engagements? and what stopped the Slavs from moving further westwards?
  11. M

    Resources for Byzantine empire and Slavs

    Hello everyone :-) I haven't studied much history until recently. I'd like to first study history of my nation and those around it and then proceed to world history. I was wondering if you can recommend some good books or internet resources about Western Slavic nations, Hungary...
  12. H

    Migration of Polabian Slavs towards Belarus

    Some Belarusian scholars (for example M. Jezowa, V. Sedov, Perkhavko, Zhuravlev, A. Zalizniak, A. I. Kushniarevich, etc.) have proposed, that during the 10th century there was a large-scale eastward migration of Polabian-Sorbian Slavic refugees from what is now East Germany towards what is now...
  13. S

    Are South Slavs descended largely from Byzantine population Enslaved by North Slavs?

    From primary sources describing the early history of South Slavs (or rather their linguistic ancestors): Procopius of Caesarea, "De Bellis", VII, 13, 24: "For a great throng of barbarians, the Slavs, had, as it happened, recently crossed the river Danube, plundered the adjoining country, and...
  14. C

    German view of Slavs vs Japanese view of Chinese

    During WW2 German forces saw Slavs as subhuman or "untermensch" and Japanese forces saw the Chinese as subhuman as well. But were these racist views alike? To what degree did their respective views differ when it came to populations they deemed as less than human? To what degree were their...
  15. Futurist

    What motivated Slavs to settle in formerly German territories after the end of WWII?

    What exactly motivated ethnic Slavs (primarily ethnic Czechs, Poles, and Russians) to settle in formerly German territories (the Sudetenland, Lower Silesia, Upper Silesia, Pomerania, Danzig, and East Prussia) after the end of World War II? Any thoughts on this? After all, I am certainly curious...
  16. C

    How extensively were German soldiers indoctrinated to see Slavs as subhuman?

    Hitler took power in 1933. The Soviet Union was invaded in June 1941. That's 8 years worth of indoctrination and propaganda required to turn the Wehrmacht into Hitler's instrument of conquest and extermination. My question is exactly how could the Nazi Party/Nazi government indoctrinate the...
  17. Norus

    Can Early Slavs and Early Finno-Ugric people be describe as nomadic?

    I mean before 1000AD. Thanks.
  18. V

    Present day Macedonians are slavs?

  19. Yashti96

    Nazi propaganda describing Slavs as subhumans

    Anyone who has read any books on Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Third Reich will have read how the Nazis considered the Slavs to be subhumans (Untermenschen) yet it's never referenced. The closest I've ever came to seeing the Slavs being described as such from a quick Google search is Himmler's...
  20. F

    Western Civilization and Slavs.

    I heard someone said that Slavs don't belong to Western Civilization or cannot be considered European because they werent part of the Roman Empire. Do you agree with that statement?