1. larkin

    Large Families vs Small Families

    Large multi-generational families can take its toll. Living with a bunch of people causes each to fight for food, nurturing or just plain attention. There's on going struggle and fights for privacy, space and possession. 9 or 10 people living in a 2 room tenement in turn of the century New York...
  2. G

    Big vs small army battle with a bit more detail

    Hello there. About a week ago I created a thread about deciding a battle scenario between a very big untrained army and a small trained one. It sounded quite absurd (and honestly is) but I didn't give enough details which could be important. So this time I'll give more detail. Setting is early...
  3. G

    Big vs small army battles throughout history

    Had an argument about the significance of an army's size in a medieval context. My opinion was that while Hollywood has led us to believe that the smaller force can always beat the bigger one it rarely happens so in actuality. My friend didn't agree so we created a simple scenario as an example...
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    Most Suitable Personnel Weapons for Small Groups

    What pre-gunpowder weapons would be most suitable for small groups of armed travelers? Movies/shows like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings often depict multiple types of weapons for these adventurers but what would be most practical?
  5. DeadCorn

    How long for a small merchant...

    How long would it take in the First Century for a common man, maybe on the back of some small trader's vessel, to get from Caesarea to Rome? Does anyone have any specific thoughts on the length of time, the mode of travel, the climate, the obstacles, maybe even the pleasures such an adventurer...
  6. F

    Was the small isolated group always exceptional?

    While scientists like paleoanthropologists etcetera may not always explicitly state their point of view about this I cannot help thinking there is a widespread idea that early humans (like, say "Neanderthaler"), and what came before humans ("hominins") to a far degree lived in rather small...
  7. P

    The Small Armies Thread

    I have had an interest in military organization for a long time. For some reason I developed a specific interest in smaller armies, and maybe that is because it is easier to get your head around those than the enormous million man, and multi-million man, armies that date from the later 19th...
  8. A

    UK And USA preww2 small army size

    I am intersested in reasons why their land army were so small during interwar period. I know there are reasons of cost,maritime natural defence and isolationism in case of USA but i will be most willing to hear if someone can delve deeper int o issues and also if there was debate about land army...
  9. LatinoEuropa

    Portugal is not a small country.Efemerides

    Portugal is not a small country. Today is. But will remain a great country before history of descobrimentos.Portugal was the father of discovery. Ceuta conquered by the Portuguese in 1415 was 600 years ago today is colony of Spain. The Spain does not recognize it, as is the case of the Canary...
  10. A Vietnamese

    Most successful gun inventor?

    So who is the most successful gun inventor? Who had the best design? Who had the biggest influence? I think Browning and Mikhail are the most successful ones as their guns laid the foundation to modern small arms market.
  11. W

    Question on WW1 small arms

    I'm curious which small arms (pistols, rifles, lmgs) in use during WW1 would have been regarded as most reliable in trench warfare conditions? There were a few bad designs during this period (like the Ross rifle or Chauchat) and some more dependable ones, so I'm curious what small arms at the...
  12. L

    Why was America's standing Army so small in the early 20th Century?

    Was it because they didn't have to fear an Invasion and they felt maintaining a large army in peacetime was an unnecessary expense?
  13. Celtae

    Greatest Advancement in Small Arms Technology

    In your opinion, what was the greatest historical transition or advancement in the field of infantry small arms? Why do you believe this? Answer below and enjoy!
  14. B

    incidents is overeating. Sticking to small

    incidents is overeating. Sticking to small meals can commit your breadbasket a burst, and slenderize hurt, as can consumption more slow. No Bedtime SnacksFor at littlest two hours before unobtrusive to bed, do not eat or wassail.Evermax If you are one of the lucky ones who savour an afternoon...
  15. C

    How many small arms and catridges did Soviet factories produce on average in WW2?

    How many small arms and cartridges did Soviet factories produce on average in WW2? During the war the USSR produced 30 million small arms including 12 million rifles and 40 billion cartridges. My question is out of the 1,000+ arms/munitions factories they had behind the Urals and in Central...
  16. G

    Despite Greek kingdoms ruling large areas why is Greek speaking area in Europe small

    Despite having had empires rule large areas Greece as a nation is much smaller than Italy, France, Germany and Spain? Why is this the case? Are there other Greek speaking areas outside of Turkey in Europe that were ethnic Greek and did not come with Greece nation?
  17. macdowelltaylor

    1929 Stock Crash & Small Farmers

    I've poked about several of the sections, but still am not sure the best place to post this question. I trust if I've chosen poorly, some kind soul will move it to the correct place. I am trying to understand the immediate impact of the Stock Crash in 1929 on small farmers. By immediate, I mean...
  18. H

    The best example of a small government

    Listening to the business community, it is often claimed that if Government got out of the way then the private sector would boom but looking at history, I cannot think of a great empire or civilization that didn't have a strong government so I ask. What is the greatest empire or civilization...
  19. C

    Amount of Soviet small arms ammunition destroyed/captured in 1941?

    How many tons or rounds of small arms ammunition did the Germans capture or destroy during Operation Barbarossa from the Red Army? The numbers I have from official Soviet sources of the amount of small arms lost in 1941, whether captured or destroyed are this: Rifles/carbines: 5,550,000...
  20. N

    Why was the BEF (1940) so small?

    During the battle of France the British expeditionary force numbered just slighty less than 400,000 men in total. Compared to the 100+ French and German divisions it seems weird why Britain could not field an army big enough for a European War. Britain had more men than France and more industry...