1. Voltaires Hat

    Sources/Conjecture on the Social History of Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa

    The reading I've done on Africa to date suggests to me that the pre-colonial history of sub-saharan Africa is quite incomplete. Just wondering if anyone can reference me to some sources or good reading on this topic that are less political/geographical, more 'what was likely happening on the...
  2. M

    Industrial Revolution in USA, social questions and comparison wie Europe

    I am interested in the question about the industrial revolution in the USA, especially from the social point of view and differences in the development in comparison to Europe, especially with GB, F and and Germany. Would you agree that there were stronger union and workers movements in Europe...
  3. Naomasa298

    Social media networks ban cheating adverts

    This topic should be close to the hearts of forum members. You may have seen recently news about social media and video networks banning adverts providing "essay writing services" - essentially, an invitation to cheat in academic work. You could pay some Eastern European to write you an essay...
  4. D

    Cultural, Intellectual, Social

    How would you describe the differences in these history "types"? Cultural - mores and art forms; related to cultural anthropology Intellectual - evolution of thoughts, ideas, modeling reality Social - interactions, hierarchies, rural / urban, wealth
  5. Jake10

    Is it harder for form new, strong social bonds as we get older?

    Is it harder to make good friends as we get older? Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? - The New York Times
  6. B

    Seeking source about a certain theme in african mythology

    Is there any truth to this? Can someone point out a link or book which supports it?
  7. F

    To destroy public figure through his own social media account

    Once a public figure tweets something bad, the damage is done, no matter how quickly the tweet is deleted and who actually tweeted it. So why don't the powerful and resourceful enemies of Public Figure X hack into X's account to tweet something so bad that it would destroy X? Who would...
  8. VHS

    The American standard of living and development

    The USA has the most powerful military and the largest economy among humanity. Then, people who understand the USA beside these superficial indications will notice: The USA is far from the healthiest country; in spite of its Olympic achievements and medical expenditure, most of its health...
  9. Jake10

    Why would a person's social background determine a taste for music?

    Actually, the more puzzling question is why people from different social backgrounds not only like different music, but why they dislike the music that appeals to other groups.
  10. VikingGirlTBird

    How did Officers in the American Civil War treated women of different social statuses

    Greetings Everybody! 1. Did Union and Confederate Army officers treated women of different social statuses (Like Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lower Class Women.) differently according to their social statuses? If so, why and how differently according to their social status? Was if partly...
  11. maTiasddsm

    Was the Mayflower's really a social contract?

    Perhaps some of you have researched and studied what really happened on the Mayflower, who these people on board were, what expectations they had for when they arrived in North America. Could it be true that they unanimously agreed a set of rules for their coexistence in the new colony they...
  12. grey fox

    In 1860 AL: Political party affiliation more determined by age and social position?

    This is the third thread that I have created today based on questions I have from statements wrote by William Barney in The Secessionist Impulse: Alabama and Mississippi in 1860. I expect this to also be the last thread that I create today based on questions about statements made in The...
  13. Hessian Historian

    Latest scholarship in medieval--early modern German social history?

    For any who are interested in social history and pre-modern Germany, does anyone have any suggestions as to the coolest recent scholarship? Most of my favorite authors in this field published their best stuff back in the 1970s-1990s (Jack Goody, Isabel Hull, Michael Mitterauer, Ulinka Rublack...
  14. A

    How Military Order Affects Social Order

    Hopefully, we are aware of how male domination affects the social order of chimps and female domination affects the social order of bonobo because our social order is based on our natural impulse and circumstances. I want to take this a step further to how military order affects our social...
  15. Kirialax

    Social structure of early medieval Armenia

    What we do we know about the social structure of medieval Armenia in the early middle ages? By period I mean roughly from the independence of the Bagratid kingdom in the later ninth century, although structure under the Umayyads and Abbasids also interests me, as does that of the Cilician...
  16. dreuxeng

    Social History 500-1500, the Middle Ages

    Yet another survey that says a lot, but leaves a lot out. A guy made is way up the status stakes, at some meteoric pace, during the C13th. He ended up building a massive castle on the south coast, and was ennobled as a Baron. He incurred the wrath of an Earl, but survived and ended his...
  17. V

    De Gaulle behind "Eurabia" social project?

    Hi all. I was reading online an article based on a book that basically stated that de Gaulle post-WW2 devised a plan to populate Europe with people of middle eastern origin and develop ties both cultural, political and economic with middle eastern countries with a view to eventually rivalling...
  18. Jake10

    Does social isolation affect females more than males?

    This research indicates that to be the case, at least with mice. But, are young girls more stressed by this than their male counterparts? Why/why not?
  19. Jake10

    How important is if for you to belong to social groups?

    I'm referring to unofficial groups, whether it's a group of friends in the neighborhood, school or work. How important is if for you to belong?
  20. B

    Economic and social status of Ancient Greece poets

    I had an exam last week and I couldn't answer this question: What was economic and social status of poets in Ancient Greece in different time periods (under aristocratic, tyrannic and democratic government). I was searching the internet and mostly studied from Whithmarsh book about Ancient...