1. R

    How did the Japanese legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers and native women

    How did the Japanese government legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers who married native women who were taken back to Japan after and during the war? Were they given the same legal status as full Japanese? Or not given citizenship like the Koreans?
  2. Polynikes

    Why were there so many Illyrian soldiers in the Roman Army?

    And this by extension covers almost all of the Balkan provinces, why was there such a great presence of them in the army? And how did they affect the army's effectiveness? Did the barbarization result in worse legions?
  3. Guaporense

    The morality of killing civilians and soldiers

    I have been thinking: it is regarded as justifiable to kill soldiers in the battlefield but it is not regarded as justifiable to kill civilians. Why is that? In Europe before the rise of Rome, migrating tribes killed each other and they didn't have any distinction of civilian and military. They...
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    Practical Armor for travelling Soldiers 14th/15 Century

    For soldiers/mercenaries in the 14th/15th what type of armor would be the most practical for small travelling groups? By practical I mean providing good protection but being easy to equip and not significantly impairing mobility.
  5. Blue

    Mein Krieg - WW2 Films by German Soldiers

    Jzt0V2mhL90 According to the interviews, the Germans didn't want another world war. The films show how the German military trained their men to follow orders without question. The German soldiers didn't know about the plans to invade the Soviet Union until they reached Berlin and headed towards...
  6. G

    Dixie-Confederate states Greek soldiers

    1528: Don Theodoro,officially the First Greek to have been to what is today USA, lands in Florida. 1592: Greek Captain Juan de Fuca sailed up the Pacific coast under the Spanish flag, in search of the fabled Northwest Passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic. He reported discovering a body...
  7. B

    mysterious White Chinese Might Be Related To Roman Soldiers

    Mysterious White Chinese May Be Related To Ancient Roman Soldiers ? Did Marcus Crassus' Army Settle Down In The Gobi Desert? | Ancient Pages Ran across a very intriguing article, devoted to white people still living in China. The author, with a pretty uneducated brush relays the possibility ...
  8. Blue

    Scottish Soldiers Excavated Under Durham

    Durham Palace Green remains were Scottish prisoners - BBC News yl9c_0Gt3Tc W7G3Et0YGrw ZKrxNIK07A0 Construction workers building a new café for an old library discovered the remains of Scottish soldiers who were...
  9. M

    Vietnam War Soldiers in the Hundred Years War

    Due to the warnings given by an unknown party, President JFK PULLS OUT of Vietnam. The United States does not get involve in the Second Indochina War Five years late, President Johnson authorizes Operation Second Light to use a one-time machine to send troops and other personnel back in time...
  10. D

    french napoleonic soldiers in Texas (1815)

    Hello.During the "white terror" (1815) my family had revendications against two new rich men, Jean Aiguy and Abric Fenouillet, who were accused to have bought during the Revolution at little prices good fields and a castle,classed "biens nationaux",that we revendicated since 1629 (royal...
  11. D

    US soldiers from Germany and Italia

    Hello.Is it true that the american soldiers who had german or italian origines were exclusively sent to the asiatic front against the japanese army ?Thank tou.
  12. O

    Were the Ancient Roman legions bullies?

    They sure acted like bullies to their subject populations, but in times at desperate struggles such as Gaius Marius's struggles with the Germans and the Second Punic War they really manned up in the face of strong opposition, something which I thought bullies weren't supposed to do.
  13. Frank81

    American soldiers (3) killed by Jordanian army past November

    The issue took place last November, then A video emerged today with the full incident (no sound, no cuts): Fa3q_pCFAvE I wonder what the hell was wrong with the guard at 0:51 Notice the attempt to...
  14. B

    White Union soldiers from eastern North Carolina

    There is the relatively famous incident in 1864 when Pickett had 22 POWs from North Carolina Union regiments hanged for desertion. Apparently, some had deserted from conscription camps or were in the Home Guard. Picket fled to Canada for a while when this was being investigated after the war...
  15. D

    American soldiers dead in world war one

    Hello.Today,the 14th july 2017, France and USA commémorâte together the sacrifice of the american soldiers dead for the liberty in Europe.But can we know with précisions: -the number of KIA, -the number of dead soldiers after being wounded, -the number of victims of intoxications and diseases...
  16. Polynikes

    Did Roman Provincial soldiers and Barbarian legionaries settle in Italy en masse?

    What is the consensus among historians and sociologists today? Did the settlement of provincial and barbarian legionaries change the gene pool of the Italian peninsula during the events of the middle to late empire? Thanks!
  17. B

    WW2 Educational Films for US Soldiers

    I'm not sure if these have been previously posted or not, I recently came across some fascinating films from WW2 which were made for US servicemen in the UK. The first I want to share is called 'How to behave in Britain' (1943). This follows a narrator taking US servicemen through various...
  18. PoeticHoplite

    Were British Soldiers posted in North American between 1812-1814 well informed of the current state of war in Europe?

    Were British Soldiers posted in North American between 1812-1814 well informed of the current state of war in Europe? As the title suggests, how did British soldiers stationed in North America keep up with the current state of the Peninsular War, and other campaigns in Europe that were taking...
  19. Pessimist Crow

    Late Song/Yuan and Early Ming Dynasty Soldiers

    What kind of armour and equipment would a common peasant levy use during this time frame? I would appreciate it if you are able to cite historical sources and silk paintings, even though it might be for ceremonial use only.
  20. sparky

    Teaching young soldiers

    . teaching young soldiers has since time immemorial involved a great amount of contempt and shouting , as warfare became more technical , this had to change . During the 20th century ,various training courses , manuals , cartoons and movies were made to engage bored young men attention one...