1. J

    How were soliders trained in middle ages?

    Do they train everyday or they stop when training when they learn how to fight? Is that their only job? Are soliders payed even if they are not at war? Do they live in barracks?
  2. Kormp

    Honoring CSA Soliders

    As a commonly known fact, both Union and Confederate troops fought bloodily against each other for their own causes. Now here's the question. Should Confederate soldiers be honored in the American society. Would you you call them traitors, or Americans who fought for their life? What are your...
  3. gavinlee

    Persian (Achaemenian) soliders - accurate depiction?

    I adore this Persian art: Marching Persian soliders | Flickr - Photo Sharing! ...but I wonder, do we know if this is accurate? Would they have gone into war like this? Or was this just for ceremonial & royal purposes?
  4. jayhawker

    Research on confederate soliders

    I am looking for a person on here who sent me a message that must have gotten deleted. He/She said that they could do research on two of my confederate ancestors. If this person or someone else would like to take on this task it would be appreciated. Thank you, listed below is the information...